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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Edition 1: The Hills and The City Wrap-Up

The Hills

Let's just say I'm intrigued. Not a big fan of the f bomb being dropped by KCav every other word, or her can't-fit-it-in-the-room ego, but she's definitely going to amp up the drama factor. I think we're in for an interesting season. And, is she not gorgeous? I really think her and Audrina are stunning.

Fortunately for us loyal followers, there are still the familiar awkward pauses that we all love about these semi-staged reality shows, thought I really do miss LC and don't think KCav is an equivalent replacement.

I'm not sure what's going on with Audrina. She pulled the whole don't-call-don't-text-we're-over bit with JB, and yet she's upset by Kristin's interest in him. I don't know what the attraction is. He just doesn't bring out the unicorns and fairydust for me. He does make me want offer him a gilette though.

It appears that Steph is still the pot-stirrer. I mean, did she not start up the whole Kristin/Audrina battle at the Speidi party? I think there wouldn't have even been an altercation, no less the girl-on-girl warfare that went down. (PS. Recent pics show Stephanie very thin. Anyone else notice that?)

And look at Lo trying to be all I'm staying on her good side. It doesn't look like anyone stays on her good side for long.

Other random things I picked up on...

1) During the intro's, Lo is introduced as Audrina's Friend rather than LC's Friend. I think she's been on the show long enough that she can stand independently without the lame title.

2) Spencer's cowboy hat.

3) The presence of Stacie as a frequent guest. Wasn't she just a bartender last season?

4) The absence of Justin Bobby's beard in future episodes.

5) Heidi's emphasis on the word nursery. Emphasis on the ser. Every dang time she said it.

6) Prediction: LC will make a guest appearance at least once this season.

The City

My first thought (among many actually): Where is Erin? I really like her. Suddenly they're not friends anymore? I need to know if she'll be back or not. Sad face.

And, I'm not going to lie, I really wanted to know what's happened in the interim since Whitney's break-up with Jay. Like, did they get back together temporarily? Was it put in his Season One contract that he needed to make himself disappear by Season Two so that she could pal around single with LA transplant Roxy? Can the producers arrange a surprise meeting at a bar so that we can witness more awkward awkward moments? Plllllease? Merely a suggestion.

And then there's Roxy. Where to begin? How about that interview where she pushed sweet Whitney under the bus and criticized, well, everything about her? And then Kelly allows Whitney to hire her? And, unbeknownst to her, Whitney hires someone who dogged her choice in the color yellow! Ludacris! Er, ludicrous. When Roxy immediately met up with Whit and invited herself to room with her, I about died. A real friend that Roxy is. Rrrrrrr.

Oh, Olivia {picture me looking to ground, shaking head}. I just don't even have words for your level of self-absorbtion.

Overall, the show was very little about Whitney, but more so about the introduction of the new cast. Hopefully, the storyline will develop more on Tuesday when the second installment of my most favorite show airs. Swoon.

So, dish up! Your turn to spill!

PS. I am not sitting at home only blogging on a Saturday night. I did go on a date with my handsome husband sans baby and it was delightful. More on that later, BFFs. Nite ;)


The Lutz Family said...

Oh Abby-

Why did you do this to me! I use to be addiceted to The Hills and the last episode I saw was the week before I had Ryder. I had Ryder on a Monday and was trying to rush into my hospital room in time to watch The Hills while I enjoyed an epidural through my labor... Ryder had different plans and I had him within two hours of being at the hospital and haven't seen an episode since! I missed so much when I first had him I had just kind of decided to phase MTV out of my life. UNTIL I read your post... yeah just watch The City and The Hills and am going to set it up on my DVR as soon as i'm done writing this... thanks for reintroducing me to my MTV addiction! I hate that I love this stuff!


Gina said...

Well, I was thinking about posting about The Hills myself, but girl, you took the words right out of my mouth!! Well...except for two things. One, I didn't notice the "nursery" thing but now I'll be listening for it. And two, you really think LC will make an appearance? I hope so, but I doubt it. Can't wait for Tuesday!

Shubs said...

Here are my thoughts...
*I agree...Lo should be embarrassed that after this many seasons she is STILL always listed as somebody's friend.
*Yes-Steph has definitely gotten skinny. She probably realized she needed to be as "pretty" as possible since she's soooooo dumb.
*Heidi-your husband accompanied you this past week as you co-hosted on The View...he sat in the audience and blatantly stated on live TV how much he DOESN'T want to make a baby with you. RED FLAG anyone?!?
*I miss Erin too! (Although my speculation is that she realized the lack of depth that a show like The City has to offer-and decided to get out while she could.
*Poor Jay.
*And LAST but not least...I'm curious Abs-do you plan to go to school EVERY Tuesday night to "prep" lessons?!? Hehe.

Mommy Webb said...

I am, ahem, embarassed to say, but I LOVE both of those shows. I think your assessment is spot on, although I want to kick K-Cav in the face. Her arrogance and trying to hard to be a player approach ruins her beauty IMHO. I will enjoy the drama she brings, but I DO NOT enjoy her. As for The Hills, I agree about Roxy. And I happen to love the color yellow. Go figure:). XO.

Nat said...

I'm just praying Speidi doesn't reproduce,I don't think I'm ready for there off spring yet or ever. Why doesn't Lo get her own credit, she did in Laguna? Audrina is so pretty I just wish she had more going on upstairs she just comes a cross as so stupid and is it just me or does Justin Bobby seem a bit more animated with Kristen?

As for The City... where is Erin? and what is up with this Roxy chick, not sure about her and Olivia is just to much for me. No one would ever put up her in the "real world" but I guess Elle needs some MTV press.