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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gobs and gobs of catching up to do...

Oh, for Heaven's sake. I've been on a blog hiatus. Not for any real reason. Other than we spent the weekend being crazy busy and I hadn't a spare second to so much as breathe (or take two tylenol to relieve the sore muscles from moving gobs and gobs of furniture).

So I finally have a spare sec. Or twelve. Or a hundred at least. Since Baby B is in bed and B is reading something or other. And I have nothing else to do but scoop out gobs and gobs of guacamole onto tortilla chips and blog about it. (Admission: reading this post reminded me that I had two ripe for tonight avacodos waiting for their guac-y fate. So I haaaad to indulge. Though Kari's recipe trumped my store brand mix and was probably infinitely more tastebud friendly.) Maybe I should be filling out scholastic orders or at least thinking about filling out Scholastic orders so my kinder kids can have their fill of Fancy Nancy or Skippyjon Jones. But I'm not. I'm just sitting here trying hard not to do any of that. And being successful.

After we moved everything this weekend, I had gobs and gobs of creative energy just swirling around in my brain. Ooh, let's move this here and Ooh, could we hang that there? (Well, I have a fear of hanging things, so I've yet to actually hang anything. But, don't think I haven't at least thought it.) I think I get this creative energy burst like every three to four months.

Anyway, remember this room? The one that we made into an office after finding that sweet desk in the garbage? The one that we prepped and poured over trying to make it suitable for our Very First Houseguests? Oh yeah, well it's totally not an office anymore. It is now our bedroom. For the second time since we've lived in this house. This room has gone from bedroom, to baby storage room, to office, and now back to bedroom again. I promise, we're really not that fickle. It's just that we are just trying to make the best use of our space and we were sacrificing Baby B's sleep time in the morning when we had to pass through his former nursery when we were getting ready in the morning. So, Baby B is in our former room. (Not to be confused with our former-former room, which is now our newish bedroom. Again. ) And we're in our old room, now new room. You're not confused, are you? I am. Sigh.

But, now everyone is happy. And I can at least sleep on the same floor as my husband since he insists on falling asleep on the couch night after night after night. That's when he usually drinks gobs and gobs of milk. But, since the Milk Police (i.e. Me) is now sleeping on the same floor as the aforementioned milk drinker, I can catch him in the act and prevent our grocery budget from being consumed with dairy.

Where was I going with that? I think it was just another chance for me to say gobs and gobs.

Oh, yes, our new room. Here is a teaser...

And here is Baby B being cute. He loves that giraffe. If anyone could locate this Gund animal, I would greatly appreciate it. Though, I highly doubt subsequent giraffes would have quite as stinky of a tail as this giraffe, so Baby B probably wouldn't like a new one near as much.

Alright, BFFs, the guac is gone and I'm out of things to say.


Nat said...

I have so much Babbling family catching up to do!! First off how is Baby B so big, he's getting bigger everyday!! He is still so darn cute though!! I have to catch up on your couponing and money saving too, I can't wait!! Good luck with the new old room!

Duet Diva said...

#1- I love Skippyjon Jones and have mastered all the voices. I will be giving a lecture on how to properly speak Spanish as a VERY small dog.

#2- Dont you just love fresh guac. I could eat it all day long.

#3- Hate it when Gund animals go missing.I feel your pain.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the shout out, gfriend! Also thanks for the encouraging remarks, that girl was a b. but not to be confused with your B, Both of your B's are sweet and have manners. Speaking of, Baby B is so precious! PS- I like your room! cute pillows and curtains!

Brit said...


I love your bedroom! Can't wait for all the pics. Baby B is as cute as ever. I can't get over all the little baby adpi boys growing into little BIG boys!

Allie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the bedroom. and Baby B.