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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Tonight I made a trip to that one store where we all spend way more than we intend to. You know, the one symbolized by the bullseye? Ah, yes. That one.

I believe the French call it: Tarjay. Or maybe that's just me impersonating the French.

Anyway, what was supposed to be a quick trip to return a few items, suddenly turned into, Honey, do you mind if I just briefly browse the sales racks while you chase after our restless, footy-jammied 15-month-old through seeming endless places to play hide-and-go-seek?

I promised to be fast. But the sales were plentiful. And nearly everything I pulled into our cart was my size and {gasp} $5 or less. I couldn't pass it up. And, I just knew that if I waited until another day, everything would be gone. That's how it always works. So, while B played baby corral, I skipped and flitted with glee in and out of the dressing rooms with just one more thing.

It was great fun.

As was the resulting photoshoot where I tried to impersonate Beyonce's Single Ladies music video. Um, let's just say, FAIL. But B and I were both cracking up, and it's always fun to laugh with your husband. I did, as a matter of fact, break out a couple pair of my Ugglies just for the fun of it. Even with my workout leggings, I was trying really hard to rock them. (Workout? Who am I kidding? I should have said lounge wear leggings instead...)

Here are my new $5 wardrobe addition...

Maybe you wouldn't know unless I told you, but I believe that this first piece is totally a swimsuit cover up. I don't think I really care. Paired with some leggings, a black tank, and some heels, I think I could pull it off :)

I lie. This one was $10. But it might be my favorite. I am loving me some print tees these days . Oh, and that one was more like $12. But I bought it the other day. So it doesn't count toward the frugal buys from today.

Obviously, I was never meant to be a model. The hands-on-hip pose is pretty much the only one I know. And it was really very awkward. And my husband, who already knows what a big dork I am, is further questioning his choice to marry such a loon.

Before I forget, I must, must, must plug Duet Diva's fantastically simple recipe that she shared on her blog the other day. I made it tonight and it was divine. The bonus is that B ate it! Spinach, you all, B ate spinach! This is the man whose palette is only pleased by all things bland and blander. It's pretty too. Thank you, Duet Diva!

And, so that we could enjoy our delish meal, I gave Baby B a pudding cup and we tried real hard to hold an adult conversation that didn't center around our darling son, but when he's covered in chocolate, it's really hard to discuss anything else.


Gina said...

Look at you and your $5 finds. Now I want to go to Tar-jay. And you can TOTALLY rock that cover-up.

I'm super impressed with your skinny body too. I'd hate you if I didn't like you so much.

Lea Liz said...

girl.. you could totally be a model.. Look at you!! You look awesome!! I love all of your buys and I cannot believe that is a cover up, love it!

Duet Diva said... glad you liked it and took a picture too:)

Unknown said...

Love the new finds. You have made me want to venture to Target now!! I think if we run into eachother anywhere in NKY it will be Target. Caleb and I go there all the time as well!

Mommy Webb said...

I am diggin your finds, but I agree with Gina. You need to gain at least 10 pounds to make the rest of us mommies feel better:).

Shubie said...

I must concur with Rachie...I can assure you my legs would NOT look half as cute in leggings and Uggs. You're adorable!

Nat said...

Skinny minnie! You got some great finds and for $5 is even better!

So for GG, Chuck is def not gay he's more of a womanizer type and he def doesn't have a monkey. I think I want to read the books now!