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Sunday, September 13, 2009

I heart Taylor Swift!

I can't even believe it's been three days since I've posted last. I think I've run out of material. Besides Baby B, of course. He provides lots of material. Probably too much, to the the point that I might bore you if I continually discuss his ever-expanding vocabuarly, obsession with throwing things away in the garbage, and how cute he looked in his long overalls today.

But, this is my blog. And if all I want to discuss is my kid, so be it, right?

I don't know. Maybe I'm just going through a blogging slump. Maybe it's finally lost all its shimmer and shine and I need to take a break for awhile. Which, honestly, I've considered.

I expressed this to B, who reminded me that I'm still chronicling our lives, specifically Baby B's life, and that's kind of important to us. Especially since I'm not very good at keeping up his baby book. Hmmmmm.

In other news, CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT *THAT RAP ARTIST* DID TO TAYLOR SWIFT?! The NERVE. However, part of me wonders if it was a sick joke on MTVs part to drum up attention to the VMA's reputation as each year is more outrageous than the last. And, no, I wasn't watching it via a live internet feed in my cable-less house, but instead watched it on real, live cable while I was working at school at 10pm. My sister was with me, so it was all very safe for me to be up at school that late. {Not really. I totally shouldn't do that, and my husband doesn't hardly approve, but I had to get up there to organize and such before another week begins. And I'm not a procrastinator (except sometimes), we just were really busy this weekend. Swear.)

I also took Baby B to Tarjay with me today for a little clothes shopping. Me, not him. But I did buy him a florescent yellow Halloween tee for $4. I spent XXX and need to return three-fourths of what I bought so that the total is more like only an X. Which is going to happen, since I now need to return three-forths of what I bought seeing as it fits a lot differently in my home mirror (which isn't as forgiving as the store mirror, I guess). Plus, half of what I bought I didn't even get to try on since Baby B was clawing at me with cookie crumb hands, and I was having to dance around the dressing room to avoid him dirtying up clothes that didn't belong to me. At least I remembered to actually bring him something to eat, since I usually find myself grabbing Goldfish off the endcap and letting him eat them before I even buy them. I'm sure that's illegal.

Also, I would like to admit that I think I've run the same load of clothes through the wash three times now, and dried the load in the dryer just as many. This happens for two reasons: A) I forget to fold and transfer loads for more than a day, resulting in stinky, mildewy, wrinkled clothes & B) If I finish this load it just means I need to start another, which I'm ultimately avoiding. I don't think I will ever get along with laundry.

Alright, BFFs, have a great Monday and let me know if anymore craziness happens on the VMAs since I'm now at home and no longer have instant access to the madness.

PS. My camera is dead and that is why there are no current pics of Baby B to grace you with. Hold out until tomorrow. Sorry, Aubs and Mom.


Connor & Mama said...

You don't know me, but I came across your page through a friend. I love to follow other Mommy blogs and love how you write! So entertaining! Just wanted to let you know that your little guy is just precious (as if you weren't aware already!). And I completely agree on the Taylor Swift note...Oh the nerve of that mean man! Thanks for entertaining me tonight as I am up reading when I should be sleeping now that my little guy is in bed!

KriskropMemories said...

I too just came across your blog and it is fantastic.
I also have to thank you because I just remembered that I too had a load in the washer that has gone through twice already, must get it in the dryer before bed.

Duet Diva said...

Love you Abs...and dont you DARE quit the blog. How else will I know the ins and outs of all this __________ houshold?

Jennifer said...

I could never be bored by reading about your sweet little guy. Can't wait to see more cute pictures! My little guy is 11 months tomorrow and I love getting a glimpse at what he'll be into in a few more months!

Lyryn said...

My friend just showed this to me today. I could not believe it!! So terrible and how RUDE of him!! MY goodness.

Came across your blog and love it! Hope you don't mind if I keep up with it! :)

Nat said...

I would miss all the fun Babbling Abby stories and adorable Baby B photo ops if you stopped blogging, don't worry at times I think we all think about quitting this crazy blog world. I couldn't agree more with the Taylor Swift thing, I love her and I can't believe what he did!!

So I wanted to let you know I clipped like 100 coupons this weekend, you would be so proud-I am fully prepared for major saving on my next shopping trip!!

Gina said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I absolutely love yours too! I definitely think we are bloggy sisters! (I call my B "B" in real life too!)

OMG...I just scrolled down to the word verification and it's sistes! Eerily close to sisters....doo doo doo doo!!!

Northern Mama from the South said...

I enjoy reading your blog so much. I too have my own little boy who's already turning 4 soon, I'm also a teacher so I love to hear how others make it all work.

I heard a quote today, that Tim McGraw should take Kanye out back and show him some manners. Some people just can't handle not being in the lime light.