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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

These boots are made for walkin'

So, the Beck-man has a slight obsession with my boots. He will go to the closet and pull out every pair and then bring them to me and say, "Booooooo!" very loudly. It's pretty cute. And then, today, we're at the grocery store and he notices a similar pair of boots on a teenager. He loudly proclaims "BOOOOOOO!" for at least five minutes. I try to distract him, "Ooh, Beck, check out this milk that mama's going to save $1 on," but he continues with the "BOOOOOOO!" conversation.

There's not really an end to that story. That's it. Just needed an excuse to post a cute picture.


Unknown said...

how cute! becks knows his boots, he'll be the apple of every little girls eye come preschool. btw- love the new look of the blog and love the new skinny jeans! you look fantastic!!!

The White Family said...

Abby- I've totally still been stalking your page, but I haven't been able to leave a comment! I finally figured out a way around my computer glitches! I love the pretend play post. Paisley loves the kitchen in my classroom, so that will be what Santa brings! These kiddo's are getting to be so much fun! Beckham is ADORABLE! Paisley misses him! Can't wait to see you guys in November!

Hollie said...

no excuse needed, that is a super cute picture!!

Lyryn said...

I just love these kinds of pictures! I love how they like to craw into daddy's shoes! So cute!