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Monday, February 8, 2010

Alive. Barely!

So, I'm not blogging for lack of material. I am just TIRED. Becks ran a fever and was absolutely miserable for FOUR DAYS straight. And everyone knows, when baby ain't happy, ain't no one happy. No one being primarily me. He didn't sleep but for 3 hour stretches overnight for two days and I haven't caught up yet. Plus, there is not time for blogging when you spend your waking hours forcefeeding a toddler mouthfuls of tylenol and motrin and alternately holding and cuddling him. Gagging him with medicine was just AWFUL.

For the record, he had what is commonly referred to as Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. He had blisters on his lips, tongue, and in the roof of his mouth, not to mention his feet. Very painful. His appetite has just resumed and he doesn't have a fever anymore, so we're on the upswing. He has eaten chicken nuggets and fries for two days straight because they are the only things he will eat. I wasn't about to protest when the most nutrition he'd had in 72 hours was milk and Juicy Juice. He even turned down ice cream and popsicles! Pitiful and miserable are the best words that described him. Also, it lasts 7 to 10 days, so that's fun.

To update, we are still at my inlaws and will likely be here through next weekend. Fortunately, they are very accommodating, and we have really enjoyed our time here. {I hope they feel the same way!} It's truly like we're on vacation. Our entire wardrobes are here and someone else makes the coffee in the morning. Only there is 6 inches of snow on the ground, and we're expecting another 7 over the next two days. So, I'd prefer the beach, but this isn't half bad ;)

Anyway, the combo of the floor refinishing project + sick baby + snow + away from home + observation at school today have absolutely drained me. I had a complete meltdown before we came over here on Friday night, complete with anxiety attack, because I was just so overwhelmed. Becks and I were driving over here in the crazy snow and all the sudden I was like I am going to cry. So I called my momma and cried and told her I just needed a good cry to rid me of all the anxieties that the aforementioned were causing me. Then I felt better.

And now Becks is better, the floors are looking beautiful (pics to come), I'm going to have a snow day tomorrow, and I can watch DIY Network 24/7, so life is getting better. Also #ATFT was tonight and it makes me happy to watch it with good company! Truly look forward to it! I will post my recap tomorrow, but I'll give you a little preview: it might talk a LOT about crying. {SRSLY.}

Good night! Off to watch some cable TV! Ha!


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that Becks was sick. Nothing worse than seeing your little one like that. And here's sending up a little prayer that everything is on the up swing of getting better!

Gina said...

Oh, what a bummer. L must have had a mild case of it. That, or it's proof that NOTHING will stop my kid from eating. And hey, at least Juicy Juice is 100% juice!

Shubs said...

oh girl...hang in there! isn't a good cry to your mom the best kind of medicine? ENJOY YOUR SNOW DAY today :) The storm's coming from the south so I know it's headed toward us!!! xoxo.

Northern Mama from the South said...

How is it that a good talk with your Mama cures everything? They just have the touch. Sending well wishes your way, just think of your outcome, well worth it.

Enjoy your snow day.

Mommy Webb said...

So sorry, Abz!! I had one of those "call your momma for a good cry" days last week. I literally called her and just broke down as soon as I heard her voice. Aren't mommmas good for that sort of thing? Hope Becks continues to feel like his sweet, spunky self more and more!