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Monday, February 1, 2010

#ATFT Round-Up #4

Oh wow. The tweets tonight were prime. I didn't stop laughing the entire two hours and B had to keep asking what was so funny as I explained what y'all were saying. And I talk about you like I know each of you personally in real life - so I'm all like "Gina said...Jillian said...Shubs said..." - you get the idea. I love y'all. I truly do. The blogosphere has completely added a new dimension to my social life, and I don't care if we've never even met and that my husband thinks I'm completely bizarre when I talk blog to him.

Also, I'm having trouble typing in complete words, let alone sentences. My fingers are still in twitter mode!

Anyway, I am so disappointed in Jake I can't stand it. Is he that oblivious? Corrie was a solidly genuine girl which really makes me questions Jake's intentions - is he really as noble and honorable as we all'd like to think? Not so sure he's playing this game with his heart anymore.

I'm going to let the following tweets tell the rest of the story, but we MUST vote for what to call Vi's parents, as suggested by @Namastebyday.

Here are some possibilities, but I'm completely open to suggestions...
1) Frank(furter) & Brat(wurst)
2) Hotdog & Weenie
3) The Corndogs
4) Papa Kielbasa

Without further ado, the award winners of the night....

@lindseyperks: #ATFT Ali needs a block of gouda to go with her wine.
@DuetDiva: #ATFT Can Tenley please bust out tonight and sing "Part of Your World" PLEASE TENLEY PLEASE!
@lindseyperks: #ATFT Is Jake wearing that turtleneck to cover up a hickey from Sausage?
@namastebyday: How many Prince Charming references will we hear? More or less than times we hear "amazing?" Anyone? #ATFT
@Single_Mamas: vienna just tried to make herself cry. and she failed...badly. #ATFT
@daveandbrit: I wonder what Gia is doing? Looking for the moat to feed Sausage to the gators? #atft
@DuetDiva: Eat my my dirt Sausage #ATFT
@lbblunden Maybe Vienna will just get lost in the caste for the rest of the season #atft
@Single_Mamas vienna totally just took Chris Harrison's one on one time! #ATFT
@daveandbrit: "I assure you I had dirty thoughts...about ______" fill in the blank.... Mine is Chris Harrison in a wig. #atft
@namastebyday: Holy interview, gonna whip out the "What are your strengths and weaknesses?" question?? #ATFT
@lindseyperks: #ATFT **NEWS ALERT** Ali brushed her hair. She must be in it to win it.
@EastCoastNat: Whoa is that a public park appropriate position? I think NOT! #ATFT
@maninablackjeep: his favorite part is when the cork pops ;) #ATFT
@EastCoastNat: No girl would ever get her boots wet, I don't care how hot he is #ATFT
@rwsquared Gia needs to be on the next season of Jersey Shore
@beccasanders Considering they are all essentially swapping spit anyway, they might as well share lipstick! #ATFT

Can't wait until next week!


Shubs said...

My vote is definitely for Frank & Brat! HA. HA. HA.

Gina said...

Hee hee, I'm dying over the voting thing. I like Frank and Brat too. My real favorite is Papa Kielbasa but that would take up precious twittering space. :)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I'm going with the producers are making him keep her. Ah ha ha

Mommy Webb said...

Monday nights have become my highlight of the week. I am so sad about Corrie too:(. I saw an interview where she said that they didn't show the footage of her saying that she wouldn't go into the fantasy suite and him telling her that he thought that was important (they could just talk) to have that off camera time. Either way, I'm super bummed.