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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Okay, so an update.

We're still out of our house, but the floors are officially refinished! They are still lacking toestrips, but that's okay. Because we can live in our house without toestrips. However, he smell of the polyurethane is still pretty strong, so we'll probably venture back home on Saturday to avoid the toxic fumes for as long as possible.

It's not snowing anymore, so that's a bonus. But Becks is sick again with some crazy virus that made him spike a temp of 104. Freaked. Me. Out. I hate when he is sick. I would have rather it been something curable like an ear infection or strep throat, but nope, it's a virus. A stinky old virus that has to run it's course. I always feel bad taking him to the doctor only to find out it's something viral. It makes me feel like I'm a hypochondriac. But, he's my first baby and I'm largely inexperienced at this sickness thing, so I guess until #2 we'll be seeing the doctor to alleviate my personal fears.

Well, I'm feeling pretty boring. There's nothing to really say and no new pics of my sick babe to post, so maybe I'll post more later.

And, in case you forgot, go win yourself a new kid's CD!


The Ossege Family said...

I feel your pain...Austin has had a 103 temp since Monday, it just broke today. I thought he had croup; he had that barking cough. Thank goodness for the snow days, so I could stay home and take care of him.

Hope Becks feels better!

Anonymous said...

I've decided we will stay quarantined next year for the whole month of January and February. Can't wait to see your floors!

Jillian said...

Oh poor baby:( hope he feels better soon!

Hollie said...

uhh i hate fevers, especially ones that brought on by 'something viral that needs to run its course'! i hate hearing that. hope he feels better soon! on the up side, your floors look great in the last pic! :-)

The Lutz Family said...

What happened to The Bachelor updates? My husband and I would log on after and crack up at how funny all your comments were! I mean we can not believe Vienna is in the top two! Did you boycott because she is still on?! HAHA Give us a bachelor update please... that'll make you not boring :)

Glad your floors turned out good!!! You must be so thrilled it's over with!

Gina said...

Logan almost hit 104 once, not too long ago, and I had a full blown panic attack. Hope he gets well soon.

Kaelin said...

I know exactly how you feel but I'm sorry to say, it doesn't get any better with #2. My second, Kylie is 5 months old and we were in the ER last weekend only for them to tell us that her 103 temp wasn't bad and that it may get higher before she gets better. NOT FUN!

I hope Becks feel better very soon!

Mrs. Mama said...

just found your blog... your son is adorable! can't wait to go and read more!

Nat said...

Yay the floors are finished!!!!!!!!
Poor Becks, I hope he gets better soon so Mommy can relax too