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Monday, February 1, 2010

Unapologetically Random

  1. Couches = not sold. Sigh. I was really hoping to get rid of them tonight but the person wasn't able to make it. {At least I'll have somewhere to sit during #ATFT! } When all of our furniture is gone, we will have nothing left to lounge around on because we're not getting anything until the floors are finished. It's going to be an eternity.
  2. B and Becks are at "The Depot" and I am using my time wisely, twittering and blogging and checking email and such. All very important things.
  3. Please go check out Miss J's blog at The Smelly Life. She is a doll!
  4. Also, the couches haven't sold yet. I check my gmail compulsively at this point, waiting for my inbox number to jump from 194 to 195 unread emails, hoping that someone from Craigslist is just dying to buy our furniture. Don't ask why I have 194 unread emails. Obviously, they weren't important for me to open.
  5. I am doing a giveaway this week! Wahoo! And it totally has something to do with this post!
  6. I just recently got a student in my class that is non-communicative at school. Selective mutism. He is precious and it is my absolute GOAL OF THE END OF THE YEAR to get him to speak to me. Thoughts Gina and Jillian???
  7. Still sitting on my unsold couch. Email still at 194.
  8. Contemplating running out for a milkshake to top off the carbohydrate coma I am in. Dinner was a Panera bread bowl filled with mostly bread and a little bit of vegetable soup (majorly unsatisfying - could have done with more soup, less bread).
  9. The boys just pulled into the driveway from their visit to "The Depot."
  10. Furniture still not sold.

***Don't forget to join us tonight for After the Final Tweet on Twitter. Make sure you follow @babblingabby, @duetdiva, @daveandbrit, @rwsquared, @namastebyday, and @eastcoastnat! Everyone tweeting about this will be using the hashtag #ATFT and once you click on that hyperlink in twitter, it will take you to a place where everyone involved with be tweeting in real time! My tweets are protected, but I'll add you quickly!***


the single mama said...

Yay! I just found your blog. Too exciting :)

Enjoying ATFT tonight :D

Nat said...

Oh no I spoke too soon- I'll say a prayer that someone buys your couches so you can start your redecorating!!!

kara battel said...

love your blog- and somehow i was able to follow you on twitter too- how cute of an idea!!!

Mama Perks said...

oh my gosh, I'm SO glad somebody else has an absurd number of unread emails in their inbox...