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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thank Goodness It's Thursday

Shoo. I am glad the week is nearing an end. I know I did a lot of complaining this week between the manic Monday post and the concrete {grinding} on my nerves yesterday. But, we're all allowed to have those days, er, weeks every now and then.

So, in lieu of any negativity, I felt a list reiterating what I am happy for today sounded good:
1. I am happy that I am this little man's mommy and that he bleeds blue like the rest of us. We practice naming the starters often, though he often says uncle! when I tell him to say Cousins! Ha! (FYI: Demarcus Cousins is his name for you non-UK fans)

2. I am happy that we have relaxing plans for the weekend, that may or may not involve someone else fixing the coffee. And, y'all know how much I love that.

3. I am happy that 4 out of the 8 girls that were in my wedding found true love and are getting married this year. *FOUR!* I am in three of the weddings, and I'm happy that they all chose pretty bridesmaids dresses, that don't resemble anything that Madonna would have worn in the Like a Virgin video.

4. I am happy that UK plays Cornell tonight. Goooooooo CATS! But I am NOT happy the game doesn't even start until 10pm and that the local stations are showing Xavier instead, and we don't have cable so we can't watch it on ESPN. But this is a post all about happiness, so pretend I didn't even write that.

5. I am happy that my students are absolutely smitten with Junie B. Jones and will listen attentively for 10 minutes at the end of each day so I can enthusiastically read about her and her kindergarten antics. It really pleases my soul when they ask for just one more chapter! I can hardly wait to introduce them to Ramona, The Boxcar Children, and The Littles.

6. I am happy that no one is grinding concrete in front of my house today.

7. I am happy that the SBDM meeting for today was cancelled.

8. I am happy that Easter is only two weeks away and that my son is going to wear the most precious seer sucker suit you ever did see. And that I bought it BRAND NEW for $17. {It is Baby Gap - tags attached - regularly $70! Score!}

9. I am happy that Crystal Bowersox and Aaron Kelly didn't get voted off of AI last night because I LOVE THEM. I predict they'll be top two this year with Crystal winning.

10. I am happy that it is Rainbows season. And that I got new black ones as a gift! Yay!


KateB said...

Abby- Becks is looking like a little man! So Precious! I am also not happy about UK not playing until late..Why would they show the NUMBER 1 TEAM in the Nation...AND as a fellow non-cable owner, we will be streaming ours off the internet! Not a FAN of this at all!!!

Ms. J said...

That's a good list! So cute that Becks calls him Uncle haha Not a huge fan of Aaron Kelly though :/

Kim said...

Great list! Did I ever mention he's a cuie?!? :)
Love me some flip-flops!!! Yay for warmer weather!!!

Jill said...

I do not know why I didn't know the game didn't start till 10, but that is just tragic and sad :( I love the flip-flops, loved the Boxcar Children, and think your little guy is too cute calling Demarcus "Uncle" hehe :)

Allison said...

I am happy that....

1. Becks bleeds blue (he is such a little man now ahhhhhh!)

2. You are my MOH :) (thanks for the artsy card it made my day)

3. UK is gonna DOMINATE some Cornell fools tonight.

4. Casey is still in the mix on American Idol. LOVE HIM.

5. That I get to see your face in less than 3 WEEKS! YAY!!!