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Friday, April 16, 2010

Listy loo hoo

  1. I made a completely spectacular list of things I wanted to accomplish during spring break, and made it through almost the entire thing. I have no desire to complete the last three things, though, one of them being lesson plans. Our spring break was so late this year that I think I am already in summer mode. Seven more Mondays...

  2. So, it's a tie right now as to if I should keep the jeans - Jillian wants to buy them and Gina suggested a bloggy auction. Hmmmmmm. Not really helping my cause ;)

  3. Big plans this weekend involving horses and weddings. Two cute dresses to wear!

  4. I think I just woke Beck up using the blender to make a frozen coffee. Arrrrgh. Desperately needed a caffeine fix though. Out of Diet Coke. (ETA: must've fallen back asleep! yay!)

  5. Went to a yardsale this morning. Seller gave me a BCBG dress FOR FREE. {I nannied their kiddos *gasp* TEN years ago!} Um, so lovin' me a deal.

  6. Thank you for the nice comments on the room redesign. It should be noted that my fabulous husband picked out the chairs, which pretty much dictated the color scheme for the room. You can buy them at Pier One, if you're interested. Our's were clearanced, so check soon!

  7. Can I just tell you that my days were made this week when The Nester commented on one of my blog posts and The Youngsters responded to an email I sent them? They're kind of a big deal, and I'm kind of an even bigger nerd ;)
  8. If I show you a yellow rug, do you promise not to go and buy it before I can? I just don't want it to sell out like every other rug I've liked so far. Promise? Okay. Here it is:

Isn't it totally perfect for the living room? (And don't go and tell me it'll show dirt and not be kid-friendly and I won't be able to do art projects on it like I can with the current one. I vow to vacuum religiously and never let Beckham squish cracker crumbs into it. Kidding. The cracker crumbs are unavoidable.)

9. Why is convenience food so expensive? I do not feel like cooking dinner tonight and a pizza just sounds so easy and delicious. But $15 for deliver plus tip sounds absolutely absurd. Might be making a homemade one instead.

10. Yay for new Wildcat additions! And with a killer combo of names, Brandon Knight is just destined for greatness (IRL friends know why!). Already can't wait for basketball season - we'll have to take Becks to a game this year. Though, he'll be disappointed he can't cheer for any of the roster that we taught him to say this year!

Happy Weekend!


Gina said...

I already had my caffeinated beverage of the day, but I am so making myself an iced DECAF coffee in my blender when I get home.

I am demanding that you wear your cute jeans for two a few yoga poses in them...then take a full body photo so I can REALLY decide. Mmmkay? ;)

Happy Friday, friend!

Lindsey said...

I didn't comment on the last post, but yes your living room is ADORABLE! It totally inspired fact, I want to do a canvas project with my little mister! What kind of paint did you use? Brogan is in to putting his fingers and everything else in to his mouth so I'd want to avoid anything 'toxic'!

Also, LOVE what you did with the shelves!

Ms. J said...

That rug will look SO good!! I love what you have done to your living room it looks so amazing! Awesome job!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the rug. My house is full of non kid friendly things(like white slipcovers and sisal and jute rugs that if you spill something on it there is no way to get it off). Just go for it. It's kind of like wearing heels for cuteness even though flats would be so much more comfortable.

Shubs said...

Ok, I'll admit it. I'm kinda/totally jealous of your lists and your decorating skills. And is it weird to admit that you were in my dream last night? (Is it less weird if I tell you that I caught up on your blog right before I went to bed?!?)