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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Live. Laugh. Lovehandles.

At the risk of you sitting in front of your computer screen and thinking Oh, no she didn't! I'm totally going to follow the lead of other bloggers who've gone before me and be bold today. If Gina has the confidence to discuss pinworms and healthcare, then, by golly, I'm going to talk about a common physical ailment plaguing most of the population. And if you don't have them yourself, then you surely know someone that does.

I'm talking about the side skin spillage that results from a little extra jiggle in the middle combined with too-tight, low ride jeans. Yup, you got it...

Lovehandles. Muffintops. Spare tire.

But here's the deal. Here's where I'm going with this. Because I truly need an opinion. Or several. Here's the backstory...

This weekend, while I was waiting for them to process my clothes at Plato's Closet (I know, I'm a glutton for punishment, but you'll be glad to know they didn't tell me my clothes were too old this time...), I browsed through the racks and came across a barely used pair of STOP THE WORLD, Citizens of Humanity jeans. I about died. They were marked at $22 and retail for well over $100 brand new. I didn't even try them on. I just made myself a mental deal that if the clothes they took sold for over $22, I would buy the jeans. And, darnit if they didn't take exactly $22 worth of clothes from me. So I paid the tax and left. I knew that if they didn't fit I could always resell them on eBay for a lot more than $22. But, oh how I prayed they would fit. Not because they were designer, but because they were adorable and *long* and perfect.
Please note, these jeans were one size smaller than what I normally wear. So, getting them on required the pants dance, laying flat on my back sucking in, and the manuevering of my skin up and over the side of the jeans, result in *gasp* lovehandles.
So, I love these jeans. I really do. But I can't love them completely with the muffinish overhang.
And here's where I need your opinion: Do I keep them and try to tone my muffin top down a little? OR Do I sell them on eBay for profit?
I should let you know that I am not overweight, do not have any desire to lose weight, and would never wear these jeans in public unless I did NOT sport the spare tire. I'm looking at the jeans as motivation, right?
My mother says sell them. But again, I reeeeeeeally looooove them.

Please tell me there's other women out there who buy things they want to fit into someday. Or am I completely ridiculous?????


Paige said...

You are far from being ridiculous! I am in the SAME situation. My muffin top is killing me, even though I do not feel like I need to loose weight, I just want that part gone and gain some abs.
If you love these jeans, I say keep them! Sell other things =)

Gina said...

First of all, thank you for the linky love! Glad my boldness was contagious. Of all the posts to link, though..those are certainly not going to get me more followers...HA!

About the jeans. I'm torn. How long did you wear them? I wonder how much they'd stretch if you wore them for a couple of hours.

Maybe you should have a bloggy auction if you do decide to sell them!!

Jillian said...

What size are they, I want them:) I would sell them but that is because after a baby I don't know if that muffin tops go away all the way:)

Mommy Webb said...

Finders, keepers. I would buy them, but if they give you a muffin top they would give me a full-blown inner tube!

Shubs said...

KEEP KEEP KEEP! And I'm with there such a thing as a full-blown inner tube-Top? Yes-I think it's called putting on regular jeans for the first time after you have a baby.

Maggie said...

That's hard. If you don't need to lose weight, and you're post baby - I'd probably say sell them.
I'm with Jillian, I'm not sure that quite ever goes all the way away after baby.
But can I just say that I am so jealous that you can expose your belly even just a little bit post baby! If it's not muffin top, it's stretch marks! Ha!