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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Too late to be making a list, but...

  1. Does anyone else get a little sad when it's 10:56pm on Saturday night and most of your favorite blogs haven't been updated since Thursday and there's nothing new to read? Oh, that's just me? Hmm. I will neither confirm or deny that I frequently blogstalk on Saturday nights...
  2. B's actually in bed already because he's fighting off a terrible man cold. I certainly have ample empathy for him, knowing that it's probably the worst cold in the history of all colds and I have probably never experienced the type of pain he is feeling as a result of battling this nasty bug. Ahem.
  3. My horse, Super Saver, won the Derby tonight. We drew names at my parents' house and I won the $4.87 pot. Too bad I didn't have an extra $100,000 to bid on him. Also, how stinkin' cute is Calvin Borel?
  4. Does anyone else hate changing their shower curtain liner? It has to be one of my least favorite chores, and needs to be done here soon. {That was completely random, I know.}
  5. I didn't get to garage sale this morning as it was torrentially raining. I was bummed. I even mapped out all of our stops last night. Crossing fingers for next week.
  6. I did go thrifting today with Chels to some Goodwills and consignment stores. Trip was ruined when bright white lights confirmed that I am pasty white and pudgy. Tanned fat always looks so much better than pale fat.
  7. Grad school starts in t-minus 9 days.
  8. I am still convinved that mice are patrolling our house unnoticed. We haven't caught anymore since The Great Mouse Hunt a couple weeks ago, but that doesn't prevent me from jumping everytime a sock falls out of the dryer or a feather from our bed floats to the floor. Or from having B rearrange an entire wall of boxes in the basement at 10pm after I've fully convinced him that mice are hiding in all of Becks old baby clothes (an unprecedented notion, as none were located).
  9. Dear Mother Nature, It is now May. April Showers are a thing of the past. From this point forward, please save the rain for the weekdays and make our weekends beautiful. Thanks.
  10. Saturday Night Live is on now. Starting out with an Obama impersonation.

I should really go to bed. G'night!


Nat said...

Does it make you feel better that it's 11:45pm on Saturday night and I'm reading this post? Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not the only one who is the only one awake in my household and blogstalking on a Saturday night. Changing the shower liner is the absolute worst.

Jill said...

I literally laughed out loud when I read about "the man cold." Know EXACTLY what you're talking about. Even a stomachache in our house is so bad, "you just can't even possibly know how bad this hurts right now." Don't you feel so sorry for him? hah ;) Yes shower curtain liner changing is awful. We have shower doors in our new house but I almost think it is worse...

Sarah said...

:) I "blog-stalk" on Saturday nights too! Living vicariously through others as I sit at home with cartoons, capri suns, and Care Bear fruit snacks...

The "man cold" must be a nationwide epidemic right now, because it's in full-force at our house, too!

And when you decide to tackle the shower curtain liner... Mine could probably use a changin', too! ;)

Shubs said...

Whoops! Just left a comment about the man cold under my hubby's name...haha! Ironic much?!

Shumaluckbucky said...

The "man cold" may be the death of all of us.

Brooke said...

We are kindred spirits...being from kentucky, teachers, and married to men who have "man colds". You speak my language! And I love lists!
1. Yes, I blogstalk on the weekends. And when the hubs is driving.
2. I cheered on the filly (always do) but glad to see a horse from kentucky win the roses.
3. Shower curtains are the worst. blech.
4. I almost threw up at the thought of grad school. Shouldn't it be our choice if we want to get a masters degree? Can I get an amen?
5. The rain needs to stop!
6. Didn't make it to SNL. I am officially O.L.D. but I love it!