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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Crossing Off: Whip up some homemade ice cream!

Yesterday was more summer-list productive than I thought. Especially with the rain keeping us indoors for most of the day. When Becks woke up from his nap, I decided that whipping up some homemade ice cream was the soup du jour. He's excellent in the kitchen, and adds enough flavor to the process to make his short-comings admissible (i.e. licking, tasting, touching everything). First I had to locate a recipe that didn't involve a machine since, well, I don't own one. Also, I didn't want to use rock salt because that is more complicated than just mixing a bunch of ingredients together in my Kitchenaid. Also, I don't have the arm muscles or time to spend shaking or rolling anything. I like lazy ice cream making.

Lucky for me, I recently came across this totally fab blogger named Darby over a Fly Through Our Window. A) Go visit her blog - you'll love it & B) She has an amazing machine-free ice cream recipe posted. I credit her with the recipe - even down to the Walmart-bought products (not because I'm that big of a copy cat, but because I'm cheap).

So here goes...

First, you'll need all these really simple ingredients. I opted to make chocolate and mocha, which is why you see the chocolate syrup and instant coffee. Vanilla is an option too, though.

Next, you'll need to get some quart-sized containers. That's what I bought at The Dollar Tree yesterday that resulted in Becks hurling balls all over the place. I'm sure Ziploc or Gladware will serve the same purpose, but I'm el cheapo so it was Sure Fresh for me. And 2 for a $1 is a great deal.Now, recruit your favorite graham-cracker-eatin' kiddo to help do the pouring, mixing, and taste-testing. Sorry, mine is not for hire. He exclusively works for his mamma.

Now, follow Darby's directions and whisk together a mixture of sweetened condensed milk, chocolate, salt, vanilla, and sour cream.

Then get your mix on and whip up some heavy cream until it's all whipped creamy. Taste-testing optional but recommended. Just to be sure it whipped creamy enough.

Turns out it's pretty delicious.

Then, whisk in some whipped cream into the original mixture and then fold in the rest. You'll wind up with something that looks like this...

Freeze it for at least 6 hours and then you'll have this....

Oh, and you'll also be left with a big, sticky mess to clean up. And I'm not talking about Beckham.

But, oh so worth it! It was delish! Absolutely one of the creamiest ice creams I've ever tasted! I totally recommend this for an easy, machine-free batch of ice cream. Maybe strawberry next time!


Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to make my own summer to-do list and making this ice cream is pretty much at the top of it! LOVE the new header. What program do you use?

PinkLouLou said...

Your boy child is so presh!

Gina said...

Really? This works? I am so going to try it!

Nat said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE your new header!! I can't believe how BIG Becks- I have been gone way too long :)
That ice cream looks amazing!! I LOVE Darby's blog- now I'm going to have to try it to!