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Friday, June 25, 2010

Debbie Downer

If you need to feel better about your week, read about mine...

1. My kid vomitted in the car, remember?

2. My room looked like this yesterday:
3. My family room looked like this:
4. Revist pic #3. My kid is wearing a life jacket with his jammies and is wearing no pants. That, however, is something to smile about. Tripping over that enormous gatorade bottle as I was shooting this picture is not.

5. My computer battery bit the dust. On Monday. So it has to be plugged into the wall at all times as we await the new one. Plus one for me for buying the extended warranty when we puchased it, so the new one is free. But still isn't here yet. Boo.

6. B's car went to the shop yesterday complaining of chest problems (i.e. violent jerking when shifting gears). Turns out it needs open-heart-surgery (i.e. a new transmission) plus a host of other repairs. All to the tune of $3000-$5000. Yes, the car that was inches away from being totalled just a month and a half ago now is on its deathbed yet again. We're in the process of getting a second opinion. Double boo. {Mark my words, we will NEVER own a VW ever again.}

7. I have misplaced 2 packages of stamps.

8. I have been running consistently now for over a month with no body improvement. Argh.

9. My baby will be 2 on Sunday :( Where has the time gone?!

10. I think I have PMS. Bad.


Brit said...

I think I have pms. too. If you could see a picture of my messy house you would find some comfort. =)

Megan said...

Sorry your week is crummy! But misery loves company, so I'm glad I'm not the only one! Here's to a good weekend!

Carey said...

Ugh, $3-5k? Definitely get a second opinion on that one.

I'm sorry you had such a crummy week. It's almost over though! :)

Morgan said...

Are we all on the same cycle here, because I'm feelin the PMS too!

So sorry for your car, and sorry for y'all.

I hope today is waaay better for ya!

Gina said...

I love that you post the pictures of your house. Mine could compete. Hope next week is better!

AbbyS. said...

I LOVE this post! Sorry about the car. That is a bummer.
Love the pic of the BIRTHDAY BOY in the lifejacket! That one did make me laugh. I hope he has a GREAT birthday!!

Jill said...

Add just a teeny bit of weight training with your running. You will see a difference I promise! You can also turn up the incline while running to work more muscles but I can't hardly seem to "go" if I do that! (this comes from a person who had been running and getting results, but has been on vacation for a week and negated everything...)