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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rain. Blech.

These guys are the only ones benefitting from today's weather. Rain is falling, falling, falling. And I desperately need some sun because of this weekend's festivities. Which will be blogged about at a later date.

Yesterday, however was splendid. Sunlight streamed down from a Toy-Story-esque sky and made us leave the house for the park without even taking our jammies off. Well, I changed of course, but Becks was perfectly fine to toddle around in his striped bottoms.
All the sun exposure is causing him to turn into quite the little toe-head. Though bull-headed might be a better description of his attitude as of late. I was quite beside myself in the middle of The Dollar Tree today when he refused to put away a ball he grabbed from a shelf. When I asked him to return it, he chucked it out of the aisle and I as I scrambled after it, he grabbed yet another and giggled uncontrollably while I frantically chased ball after ball. All in all, five balls made their escape from aisle two before I decided that the teachable moment was lost and opted to gather them quickly before he created a potential safety hazard. We left the store promptly, I flicked his hand and tried to explain his "naughty" behavior. He responded by trying to "throw the flick" off of his hand. Funny.

Also, if anyone is looking to squander $60 at Barnes and Noble, don't read the return policy (14 days!) and refrain from returning your books during that time. {Backstory: I ordered textbooks from Amazon, panicked when they didn't arrive in a timely manner, searched B&Ns all over the tristate area and bought them. In the mean time, the books arrived *cheaper* from Amazon, life got way busy with the end of school and grad school courses, failure to read the return policy resulted in a doh! moment.} Fortunately, they offered a gift card and Becks got to check out the Thomas train table and everyone was almost happy. I am sure I can find something to buy there, even if it's a skinny frappucino from the in-house Starbucks :)

For the record, I have checked absolutely zilch off of my summer to do list today. The rain really holds things up, as I want to do little more than sip coffee and watch something on the DVR. Which I love, by the way. One day I will wonder what life was like for the four years we spent without cable...


Gina said...

Love the new pics of your cute little man! And the ball story had me giggling...ONLY because I've been there...about a million times.

Jill said...

That really sucks about B&N! I love Amazon and buy such a variety of things from there that I bought the "plan" where you get 2 day shipping on everything. It is worth it when you have zero tolerance for waiting (me!) and have a tendency to wait till the last minute to order things (also me!). Sorry about the Dollar Tree moment! Perhaps time to invest in some handcuffs for shopping excursions (I'm kidding...I think haha)

Lea Liz said...

The ball story reminds me of myself and Brody, anywhere we go!!!!!! Not fun sometimes, haha!

I love B in his jammies at the park!!

Love your new layout, too cute girl!