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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Cards from Shutterfly

Considering how behind at life I am right now, it should come as no surprise that up until last night I hadn't even considered our family Christmas card, let alone snapped a cute pic of all of us.  But now we have, and, honestly, that wasn't the hard part.  Becks actually cooperated and our pic turned out cute!  Getting a 2-year-old to smile on cue is no small feat.

The hard part is choosing from the gazillion adorable Christmas Photo Cards at Shutterfly.  OMIWORD, I don't even now which one is my favorite!  I have, well, a gazillion favorites!  Topping my list are the following designs...

Holiday Love Sketch  5X7 folded card
I love the vivid red and the fun font!
How cute are the colors?!  LOVE!

Again, the font is what gets me!  I'm a sucker for cute writing!

I have actually been a member of Shutterfly for years and own many of their products.  They are an amazing company with a quick turnaround time.  It's been my experience that the purchase usually arrives within a week, and sometimes as short as a few days!  So, if you're anything like me {impatient}, you'll appreciate the fact that your product arrives promptly. 

I own several Shutterfly-made photo books, and have ordered calendars from them also (a great gift idea by the way!).  I couldn't be happier with the quality and the ease in which you can create/order your product in their user-friendly website.  And, if you're in the market for birthday invitations, you must check them out.  Super cute products! 

To any other bloggers who haven't taken advantage of Shutterfly's promotion, go here for more information!  I'm being gifted 50 free cards from Shutterfly for writing and submitting this post.  For something I was going to do anyway, I just couldn't resist!  The promotion runs until the 15th, so there's still time left for any slackers one like me who hasn't ordered any yet :)


According to Ashley said...

Hahaha -- I thought I was slack by not ordering my Shutterfly cards until last week! At least we're in this together! Mine should be here on Monday -- perfect timing!

Doodlebug Designs said...

I wish I had know about this!!! I already ordered mine and paid FULL price:-( They were here very quickly though!

Amanda said...

Cute! Thanks for sharing!

AbbyS. said...

Great choices!
I did this and got my 50 free cards!! I just wish someone would come to my house and address them all for me...

The Chapmans said...

I love shutterfly! The calendars turn out great too, although I wish they would get more designs for them. If you go through the Target website, some products you can pick up at the store.

Melissa said...

I just ordered from shutterfly over the weekend, after receiving my code for the free 50. I just got an email this morning that they were shipped. Be careful when ordering, the free ones are for the 5X7 stationary cards only!!!
Still a great deal!!!!