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Friday, January 21, 2011

New Literacy Printables!

Hello, friends!

I've uploaded a new product at Teachers Pay Teachers called Clipboard Classroom Activities!
I was inspired to create these activities to use in my literacy centers after I spent FAR TOO LONG trying to make new activities for every week.  While I love to add new things in every now and then, these activities are reusable every week all year long and keep students engaged and focused.

Furthermore, my students *love* using a clipboard!  It's like they're "in charge" of something important while they're working :) 

{Now, of course you don't have to use a clipboard with these activities, but it's certainly adds a little somethin' extra!}

There are 18 usable pages that can be purchased at TpT that include reading response logs, read/write the room activities, sticker story templates, and more!

You can download a free printable of one of the pages by clicking the picture below.  You can purchase the whole packet by clicking HERE

Have a great Friday!


Leslie Ann said...

Love, love, love this! I just bought it and downloaded it. :) My centers work better for me if I don't change them out every week and I put a "fun" activity there. The more times my kids do the same activity, the better their work becomes in that center. Clip boards always help my kids work! In fact, we even have a center that they started calling the "clip board center" haha. Thanks again! :)

Rachelle said...

I love it! I do sticker story too....they kiddos enjoy making up silly stories! Thanks!


Rikki said...

These are adorable, I'll have to go get these!

Cara Carroll said...

You rock my face off!!! LOVE this! Mine are all printed and ready to use next week!! Thank you!! :)

Ashley said...

These are great!

Carmel said...

Oh my gosh, Abby....your blog is precious!! I was just checking out babywebbsite and saw your name on a comment and it let me here! too cute...and what a good mommy you are :) hope all is well with you and your sweet little family!
love, carmel