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Monday, July 14, 2008

It's a Zoo Out There!

The famous giraffe exhibit - B got to touch it's head!

Since Baby B joined our lives almost three weeks ago I've found that we now structure our day in three hour increments. Sometimes three and a half. Why, you ask? Well, Baby B is usually ready to eat by then, and if not then I often times need to arouse him from a deep baby sleep before my chest spontaneously combusts. If you've never nursed, this is the only way I can describe the sensation before you find that your boobs have taken on a mind of their own and will momentarily turn into milk geysers if they don't find relief. Sorry if that's a little TMI or if you think it's a little inappropriate to blog about boobs, but it's the truth.

Anyway, keeping in mind the three-hour-crunch, B and I have become pretty suave at conducting our lives within this span of time. For instance, yesterday - Staycation Day Three - we planned a most entertaining trip to the zoo. We accomplished seeing most of the sites within the two hours we alotted for the trip, and were home by dinner time - or at least dinner time according to Baby B. Baby B was probably the most well behaved child at the zoo (i.e. he slept the entire time, waking only for the photo-ops that his parents insisted upon).

Upon entering the zoo, we were instantly greeted by one of those comments that you cannot help but raise your eyebrows to and stifle a snicker. A man and his family were headed into the photo shop where you pick up the picture they snap of you as soon as you cross the threshhold between the parking lot and zoo territory. The rotund man, with an equally as rotund, bald head, looked to his wife and said, "Huh. Ya know, I didn't even think about that. I betcha my head is sunburnt." (Feel free to insert his unmistakable southern drawl here*.)

Now, how on earth could you forget that you're bald and maybe you should slather on some SPF 45 before spending the day beneath the scorching sun? Wouldn't that burning sensation radiating from your naked dome be indicative of this? B and I didn't even get to the zoo until almost four, and this man had obviously been there since probably 9am, so you do the math.

Here's. Your. Sign. Duh.

Anyway, the zoo was great and we ended the evening visiting with Nana and Papa M while we enjoyed an M family favorite - Dixie Chili. I'm more of a Skyline girl myself, but it was delicious nevertheless.

Oh, and lest I forget to tell you about the $16 Cheetah that my husband just had to purchase for Baby B. Add another stuffed animal to our stash, please.

Welp, I better be wrapping it up - my three hour time limit is about up!

*For all my readers who have charming southern accents, I am in no way equating the intelligence of this man with all people who speak with a southern drawl. I added it merely so you could imagine just how he said it. Love y'all!

This is Baby B impersonating his mommy. If you're familiar with Bluey and Whitey you know what I mean!


Smith Family Forum said...

This is fun! Where are we going tomorrow?!?

Aunt Debbie P.

P.S. I don't know if anyone told you but we're on "baby watch" with Kris. They've started her drip so it should be tonight or tomorrow.

The White Family said...

Glad to see your enjoying your staycation!!! We are on our hospication... day freakin 3! Anyway Beckham is the cutest darn thing!!! I'm sure your loving being a mommy!I love reading about you guys- you're too funny!