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Monday, July 14, 2008

Stay-cation Days 1 & 2

Though it's no Royal Carribbean Cruise, we're enjoying our stay-cation at home. Brunch at First Watch yesterday...a walk last night...and lots of snuggling and bonding with Baby B!


Smith Family Forum said...

I'm sure the cruise would be lots of fun but you are making some wonderful memories with your new little family. Enjoy! :)

See ya soon!

Aunt Debbie P.

Mommy Webb said...

Abby- you look beautiful (as always). Love the sweet photos of Becks (Baby B).. Keep em coming!

The Ossege Family said...


I love all the adoreable pics of baby B! He is such a keeper! You make me laugh with your "staycation", we've been having those for years. Glad to see everything is going well, I knew you'd make a great mama.