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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hi, my name is Abby and I'm an addict...

So, on my way to school yesterday I realized - gasp - I forgot to bring my favorite caffeinated beverage from home. And, since I cannot walk around school with a continuous drip IV of this fine, stimulating liquid trailing me around, nor could I suffer Diet Coke withdrawals while spending time with 23 demanding kindergarteners, I decided a detour was necessary.

Since I was in the process of taking Baby B to meet up with my mom, and McDonald's is on the way and I had $1.05 in cash (this is a rarity as I am a debit card queen) I decided to make a very necessary pit-stop. I check the clock and it reads 7:40am - 10 minutes before I'm due to drop him off, so I figure this is totally a feasible task. I can satisfy my craving (I'm practically salivating just thinking about it - totally a sign of an addict), and still make it on time for Baby B to be picked up. And, I can see from where I'm positioned in traffic, that there is NO LINE at the drive-thru. Perfect.

I switch my blinker on and just as I'm feet away from turning into MD's the IDIOT in front of me stops. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! He, too, has his blinker on, and I assume that he's turning into MD's also. But, OH NO, he proceeds to let one, two, three cars turn in front of him - he waves them in as I am gripping the steering wheel tighter and tighter wondering why he is giving up his first place position in the drive-thru line to THREE other cars. IS HE CRAZY? Can he not telepathically sense that Diet Coke fiend behind him needs her fix and SERIOUSLY MIGHT CONSIDER love-tapping his car if her infant son wasn't in the back seat in order to speed up this process? I am restraining myself from laying on the horn, literally.

Shoo, just writing that gets my blood boiling.

So, then, now that I am thinking that I am CAR NUMBER FIVE in the drive-thru line and it is now 7:41am, the IDIOT goes straight. HE DOESN'T EVEN TURN INTO MD'S. Omigoshthenerve. No wonder he had NO PROBLEM letting THREE CARS go in front of ME. ME, ME, ME!

So, I do what any self-respecting Diet Coke connoisseur would do. I sucked it up and waited the NINE WHOLE MINUTES it took for the bozos in front of me to get their McBagels, McJuice, and McBiscuit sandwiches when all that I wanted was ONE DIET COKE.
If they were in kindergarten, I totally would have cutted them.

Oh, and I met up with my mom one whole minute late too. Arrrgghhh...

And, just to tide you over til I can post about His Most Adorableness again, here is the boy child a whole 2 months old. Love him.



Lindsey Brodsky said...

This reminds me of my life ALL THE TIME! I got a little stressed out just reading this post!
It's like, you have just enough time to do something and dummies with no real place to be (I'm not even sure why they are driving on the road!) get in the way!

Mommy Webb said...

You are a great writer. I can totally visualize the whole scene:). And I especially got a kick out of the "love tap" reference. I want to do that sometimes. Too funny.