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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One day down...

Ay, ay, ay...what a whirlwind day. I don't have too much time to post because I still have lessons to polish off (tomorrow and Friday's are ready, but I'm headed to TN this weekend for my cousin's wedding and have lots to do!).

I did take pics today, but they obviously included the kiddos and I didn't want to post any with them in the pics due to privacy/legal issues. Note the mailbox and my Diet Coke stash in the pic above. He he he.

And, here is my favorite person in the whole wide world. I wish I could hold him right now, but he's already in bed. When I don't hold him for awhile, it's like I crave holding him again. How can you not fall in love with a little boy grin like that?

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Mommy Webb said...

I make a motion that you remove the caption below your pic on the left side of the page about the "face you aspire to return to". You are there, girl! You look beautiful.