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Monday, November 3, 2008

Go vote!

Don't worry, I'm not about to get all political on you, but the frugalite in me just had to encourage you to go vote tomorrow. Not only is this the most important election since I've been alive (this is only the second election I've been eligible to vote in, btw), but all those who vote are entitled to a FREE cup-a-joe from Starbucks. So, whether or not you really care who becomes the next President of the United States tomorrow - and you TOTALLY should - at least go vote so you can hit up Starbucks afterwards.

B, Baby B, and I will all be out to do our civic duty bright and early. We're talking 6am early. Supposedly the lines are going to be out of control since our state wasn't eligible for early voting, so this is really the optimal time for B to get to the polls since he won't be home from work until after 6pm. Being his loving and supportive wife, I let him persuade me to vote before the sun rises. And, it's quite possible that Baby B will have me up for his a.m. feeding, so why not go vote anyway?

Whoever the winner tomorrow might be, my only prayer is that the right candidate is put into office and that he will serve our country with dignity and honor for the next four years. May God bless his term in office and our country.

I totally just went political on you, didn't I?


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Anonymous said...

I completely agree, Abby! No matter the candidate, just exercise the right to vote!