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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why I Heart My Husband Reason #472

Bet that pic caught your attention, huh????

If you read my election day post, then you probably know that I voted for McCain. I wasn't that thrilled with him or Obama, but McCain's values align more closely with my own so he took my vote. In the end, I'm kinda excited about our new president and I look forward to him taking office. Regardless of his party, I know he needs our support. (I'm only telling you this so that you can understand the rest of my post, and hope that my readership isn't based off of political affiliation. )


I ended up going to school last night from 8pm to 10pm to finish up report cards and get my room ready for today. Don't worry - I already got the lecture from my mom telling me how unsafe this is. I was talking to B as I came home and as I'm pulling in the driveway I notice that there is a sign in our front yard.
MY MCCAIN/PALIN SIGN HAD BEEN TURNED INTO AN OBAMA SIGN!!!!! Now, mind you, the sign had already been sitting by the garbage can for days. Since I am still talking to B on the phone, I'm like HAVE YOU BEEN OUTSIDE?! He says he hasn't, and I'm all ripping out the sign only to discover that there's paper plastered all over I front door too. YOU HAVE TO COME OUTSIDE, I declare. THE NEIGHBORS HAD TO HAVE DONE THIS! (You know we have a very joking bunch of neighbors.) So I'm carrying the disgrace of a sign to my front door when I realize that the papers on the door say this:
HA HA HA. I was laughing hysterically only to find the culprit waiting all a-smile behind the door. It was much needed comic-relief after a very long day, and I so appreciated his effort to cheer me up. It was pretty funny.

Thanks, B. Love you :)

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