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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Non-Nap

Here's how the story goes...

I decide that in the hour window between the time I get home from school and the time Baby B needs to be put down for his afternoon nap, I am going to make a quick run to Walmart for some last minute Thanksgiving day staples. So I snuggle the little man into his seat, zip over to the giant food mecca, strap the little man into the man pouch, grab a cart, and I'm off and running coupon binder in hand. (Yes, I'm now one of those women.)

I love the man pouch for multiple reasons. A) Baby B loves it. B) We both stay snuggly warm when I wear it. C) It's great for your back muscles.

However, it does tend to put the little man to sleep. And despite my best efforts to talk and bounce him awake, he wasn't having any of it. His eyes were fading just as we hit the dairy department, so I sped to the check-out hoping that I'd be able to keep him awake until we made it home. No. Such. Luck.

He slept in the car on the way home and then I ever-so-carefully placed him in his bed, still asleep. Score one for me.

And then, not 10 minutes later, he's awake. Jabbering away about how he wants to get out of bed and come downstairs and prevent me from accomplishing anything on my to-do list. And several trips up the stairs later to re-insert his paci in his mouth, I think I'm going to surrender. He's awake.

Probably because he keeps thinking about how much fun it is to sit in his new high chair.


Anonymous said...

Lil Z absolutely LOVES his baby bjorn! I put him in it when we go shopping pretty much anywhere. He falls straight to sleep too!

Mo said...

Mo!!! I am OBSESSED with your blog and feel the need to catch up with you and Baby B on a regular basis! I just recently tapped into your blog and can't stop! Anyways, I noticed a post about how you heart UGG boots! Me too and today I'm getting a pair (classic tall in chestnut, to be exact!) Well, the best part is that I was going through some college stuff and realized I had this sweet card saved..I opened it and it was from you and Brandon thanking me for singing your wedding! I wanted to cry!! I was so honored that you asked me and wanted you to know that I miss you and love you to death! You have an adorable family and I want to come see you all and hold the little guy! PS...the money that you had given me was in the card and guess what I'm putting it towards (after all this time!)...UGGS!!! Love you Abz!! :)

The Ossege Family said...

I had one of those days today! We left the house @ 10:30 for an hour trip, by the time we got home @ 2:00, Austin was already ruined from a car nap and neither of the girls wanted to lay down either. Stupid construction on Buttermilk Pike! You have my sympathy! Just wait till you have 3 kids to keep you hopping :) Becks looking cute as ever in the pics!