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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grown-up Woes

You are never going to believe it.

I went to the gym for the first time post-baby. Aren't you so proud? It was actually a class called Zumba, which is totally salsa/Latin dancing. Very entertaining. Very fun. I would go back. I went with a fellow teacher from school, and it's always much easier to work out when you have a friend to look goofy with. And I'm sure I looked goofy, all 5'10" of me pretending that I could dance. He he he.

Speaking of exercise, B and I are finally coming to the realization that we are probably not going to put to use that elliptical trainer B got for Christmas last year or the adjustable weights that he bought either. Ick. Don't you hate buyer's remorse? I don't even want to think about the amount of money spent to purchase either of these items. So, we're going to craigslist them. Have you used craigslist before? I've used it once, to list a garage sale we were having, but never to sell anything.

Hopefully our items will sell because we need to recomp the loss that the moneypit (i.e. CAR) drained us of this past week. To make matters worse, I was leaving Walmart with Baby B and the car wouldn't start - and I'd just picked it up the day before! So, another $80 later it's working again. This just goes to show...


My mom says this a lot. Being a grown-up kind of sucks sometimes. I remember when I used to have car drama and my parents would pay the lump sum and then I'd pay them back in monthly payments. Or when they used to give me their gas card occasionally to fill up on them. Oh, those were the days.

In other news, Baby B has a new nickname: Scooch. This is because he's starting to scooch across the floor! Yay! I have a feeling that a month from now he will be all over the house. He already hates to sit still. He's also very in to blowing raspberries, jumping, and baby food. And blowing raspberries with baby food in his mouth. My clothes look like a paint splatter art project after he's finished eating. Except the medium is sweet potatoes or strained peas. Mmmmmm.

Happy Saturday!

PS. Make sure you read next week...we're having some good giveaways at Babbling Abby!

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Mommy Webb said...

I'm so proud of you for going to the gym, Abz. You are the size of my pinkie, but I know that it feels good to work up a sweat. And that is about the cutest pic of Becks that I have ever seen. So peaceful...