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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hi Jolly, Hey Jolly...

Back in my sorority days (or glory days, as B kindly refers to them), Work/Recruitment Week was always a trying time. I mean, it was difficult to walk with my hands behind my back for hours on end and smile for two weeks straight (this is not an exaggeration). Not to mention all the talking, singing, clapping, snapping, and dancing we did. I would like to credit those two weeks every August (and 100 hours of Greek Sing practice) to the reason that I am now able to properly educate and entertain a class of 5-year-olds every day without wanting to hurl myself from a tall building afterwards. Granted, there were many times when the roof of the Pi House looked appealing for such purposes [insert inappropriate reindeer joke here].
Not to go all Legally Blonde on you, but it was during those trying times that we would find ourselves enjoying the Spirit Breaks that came our way to break up the monotony of I Wanna Be An ADPi Girl. A Spirit Break (and, I know all of you non-Greeks are probably resisting the urge to gag right now) involved taking a break from the hardship of practicing all those songs and coordinating facial expressions. Some memorable Spirit Breaks involved poems about garden gnomes and Mamalee, old ladies with techno music and glow sticks, and the occasional intervention by a campus police officer.

Almost 5-years since my last Hey Jolly and my personal Spirit Breaks have deviated sharply from listening to one of my girlfriends impersonate Bobby LaBonte or Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald. Instead, I take immense pleasure in clipping the Sunday coupons, watching my boys make each other laugh, or even going to the grocery store alone. Seriously, you should see me try to shop with Baby B in tow. It involves not only carrying him into the store, but also my coupon binder, and the shopping cart cover so that nasty germies don't infect us all. Then, I'm trying to entertain him by singing songs from my made-up repetoire, such as I am so Glad Bread is on Sale, followed by the number Milk Should Be Cheaper. It's more of a production than a shopping trip. It doesn't help that Baby B is a ladies man, attracting every 50+ woman within a 20 foot radius of the cart. Yesterday, someone actually asked me if they could smell his hair. Awkward turtle, right there. I digress.

Anyway, you know I love being a mom, but it is nice to have some me time every now and again. And, I only desire Spirit Breaks lasting an hour or less, since that's about all the time I can manage to be away from my Sweet Precious before withdrawals kick in, and B is calling me 12 times to ensure that I WILL BE HOME SOON.

Have a fantastic Saturday. I'm off to enjoy today's Spirit Break while Baby B is snoozling - taking a SHOWER and SHAVING MY LEGS. It's all about the little things, people.

P.S. OBIC ;) Just had to throw that in there.

P.S.S. Aubbers, I miss you! Let's Skype soon!!!!! Tell Mickey and Minnie we said hi!!!!

P.S.S.S. Here are some pics from the past week...


Mommy Webb said... this post. I agree about the spirit breaks and the fact that it's the little things. Shaving my legs is a luxury these days:). Becks is growing up so much. I would smell his hair too if I were in NKY with y'all. OBIC, sister.

Anonymous said...

Abbz it truly took me back and aww the memories with the crazy raindeer. Those were the days huh? I find that my spirit breaks consist of actually taking a shower and maybe using a blowdryer. It seems like I have come to love the "o'natural" look these days. Love you sister!