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Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Hallmark Holiday

Can you guess who Baby B is talking to here? He could not pay attention to me during this photo shoot because there was something far more entertaining sitting to his left. Something that moves and makes noise.

Ah, the vacuum cleaner. What a fine friend you are. Baby B loves to vacuum with me, perched on my hip, leaning waaaay over to watch it work its magic. (Amy, I thought you would appreciate this!)
Forget the cool new stuffed animals that the Nanas gave him for Valentine's Day. A vacuum cleaner is much more entertaining. And are you not totally in love with his stripey, orange socks?

Because I'm cheap, er, frugal, Baby B will celebrate V-Day again tomorrow when I buy him a really corny stuffed animal that sings Eye of the Tiger when it goes on clearance at Kroger tomorrow. [$9.99 - really?] Baby B thinks it is totally hilarious and dances and laughs at it when we're grocery shopping, attracting all sorts of attention from other customers. Thank goodness no one asked to sniff his hair again. Creeeepy.

B and I are going to a friend's wedding tonight and I'm really kind of excited about it. I bought a new outfit from WHBM that is to die for. I also got a cut and color last night which always makes the world seem like a better place. There is a noticeable bounce in my step after getting my hair done, you know? Seriously, banishing my mousy colored roots to a couple months of hair color does wonders for my self-esteem.
In other news, Kathy the Pathy (Pathfinder) died at school on Thursday. My manly husband and my brother-in-law replaced the battery last night to no avail. Doesn't that just figure? So now she has to be towed to some shop that will inevitably charge us an arm and a leg to diagnose what is wrong with her. Ugh. I usually let them know that if they screw us God's wrath will rain (reign?) down on them and karma will come and bite them in their behinds.
I hear Baby B upstairs singing ( is he not THE CUTEST? ), so I'm off. Happy Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...

suchhh a cute video :)
it made my day!
tell my sweet nephew i love him!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH Abz this blog is absolutely hilarious and I love it :) Can't believe I haven't read it before! You look great! I miss you tons, can we be friends again soon please!?