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Thursday, May 7, 2009

In need of major hair-apy

Did you know that my hair is causing all sorts of drama today? Well, it is. It's unruly, too long, and my roots are disgustingly obvious showing. Isn't it funny how the state of your hair relates directly to your self-esteem/mood/the way you respond to innocent comments from your husband?

B: Did you see on the news about the guy that got a root canal, and...

ME: What?! Roots?! They're that obvious?! You think I look like skunk? You're ashamed to be seen with me in public?!

B: 'Scuse me for a second while I extract my head from your mouth...

So, my highlight appointment is set for Saturday morning at 11:20am, and I will be there with bells on. My stylist is going to FREAK. OUT. when she's sees the condition of my mane. It's embarrassing, it really is. I vow every time that I will never let it go that long again, but always end up waiting two months too long and wind up with a major blonde complex.

I really wish I didn't have to highlight my hair, but it really is a must. My natural color is mousy and drab. Blonde just suits my personality so much better. I'm not mousy or drab in real life, so why should my hair reflect such a dismal existence?

You can tell I've spent a lot of time thinking about my hair today. And even more time in front of the mirror trying to tie it up in some kind of ratty looking ponytail to disguise my rootastrophy. Every attempt was unsuccessful, so I've surrendered to looking absolutely heinous for the next 36 hours while I await my appointment.

I was actually going to attempt a vlog - as inspired Linds - but I decided that I would not subject you my nasaly voice and my roots all at one time. So, it's just the written word today, but don't you worry - I'm so all over the vlogging.

And here is me, at this time last year, plumped up and glowing over baby books at one of my showers, looking all of the 60+ pounds I gained during the 9 months I warehoused Baby B. Oh, and that blonde you see there, is exactly what I want to return to :)


Kelly Taylor said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who procrastinates in this area! Mine looks horrible too. I called to make myself an appointment and he can't see me until May 26!!!!!! He's worth the wait, but my goodness this head looks rough!

Lea Liz said...

oh girl you are too funny!! I know how ya feel tho, I always let mine go too long too especially since I've had but it is a must!! You look so cute pregnant even if you didnt gain 60+ lbs.. I gained 65 and I definitly wasn't as cute as you!!!

Nat said...

You should see my hair... remember how I did the do it yourself blonde? Well now my roots are orange, yes a lovely brassy orange. I thankfully have a hair appt next Sat!

Can wait to see the new blonde Abby!

BTW you do not look like you gained 60lbs!