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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just a Thursday.

We're having a thunderstorm here, sans buckets of rain. Literally, just a thunderstorm. An occasional huge crack of lightning, but mostly just lots and lots of loud thundering.

I had to step out on the porch just a minute ago to remind God that Um, excuse me God? But, my son is sleeping. Um, okay, thanks.

He reared back with an even louder clap of thunder and lots of blowing wind. Don't worry, I know who's Boss.

Seriously, the sky is blue right now. It's the craziest thing. And it's been going on for like an hour. I keep waiting for the downpour, but right now it's just lots of noise. Thankfully, Baby B is napping right through it.

We spent the early afternoon at the pool, happily splashing and pouring water from one beach pail to the next. My pasty whiteness if finally being replaced by a nice, warm base tan that I hope to maintain. It's difficult to build it back up after taking last summer off to, you know, have a baby and all.

My intention was to hit up a favorite thrift store and the farmer's market when Baby B wakes up, but I think he's pulling an all-afternooner. Sometimes they're the best kind of naps where I can get a lot done. So far I've done...well, I guess I did put the blocks away for the 407th time in the past week (garage sale score for $1!) and I'm going to go downstairs and rewash a load of laundry that probably should have been removed from the washer 72 hours ago, but you know.

{Oooh, here comes the rain.}

Well, I must get on with life...


Not your Happily Ever After said...

We stick sound machines in the kids rooms for just those reasons. Blocks out all the surrounding noises including thunder. Unless it's bring the house down thunder. Love your blog. I have great fun reading it and can relate to much of what you write.

Duet Diva said...

You sound like me with the wash. I am ALWAYS doing that!

Colby said...

Im so guilty of rewashing my laundry- I can never remember that I put it in! lol Sounds like you had a nice mellow day!

Nat said...

We have the same laundry habits, you have no idea how many times I rewash or redry clothes in our house!