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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Things I do not want to do today...

1) Straighten up my house. After months of preparation for our VFH (which went over swimmingly, btw), I don't want to pick up, wash, clean, or otherwise beautify my home. I'M OVER IT.

2) Pay bills. Blah blah blah blah blah.

3) Cook dinner. A gift card from one of my students will alleviate this problem.

4) Clip coupons. Seems daunting when you have 8 fliers to go through. And I'm feeling lazy.

5) Admit that LC is now an afterthought after 5 seasons of The Hills. I will dedicate another post to my thoughts on the finale.

6) Get out of my pajamas. I did, of course, dress nicely for school, but have since returned to gray sweatpants and a ratty old tank top.

7) Sweat in the 90 degree weather. It is soooo hot outside. Lovin' my new AC.

8) Eat another Wheat Thin Artisan Vermont White Cheddar Cracker.

9) LAUNDRY. There is a conspiracy in my house. People around here apparently wear clothes.

10) Throw away my wilting anniversary roses, which have since served as color inspiration. Decorating with yellow in our living room is now my newest obsession. In fact, as soon as Baby B gets up from his nap, we're going thrifting. I don't have a picture of the completed Mint Room yet, but check out the difference the new curtains and pillows make in this room...

And, because I'm sure you've missed seeing picture of Baby B, here he is defying all laws of cuteness to extend into the realm of super duper muper cuteness eating an apple. Love, love, love him.

Oh, and today was the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. My first year of teaching is officially over, and I did tear up a little saying goodbye to them. They'll always hold a special place in my heart. Starting August 19th, I'll start all over again with a whole new bunch. Which I know will be here before I know it. Thank goodness I won't have 7 days to ready a classroom and lesson plans, but instead have three whole months to plan their arrival :)

Summer Break will officially begin on Thursday. Yippee!


The Pettijohn's said...

I've been in my p'jams all day.

The pics of the room: LOVE. The yellow is so pretty...and fresh.

Baby B and his pics always make for a happy day :)

and CONGRATS on finishing your first teaching year!!!! HUGE!

Now on to summer, right?!

Anonymous said...

I am equally distraught about LC leaving The Hills. Looking forward to your post about the season finale!

Nat said...

Love the yellow accents, that room looks so good!
Congrats on your first year as a teacher and a mommy completed, I think you get double points for that.
Who can resist Baby B pics? He's getting so big!

Jessica said...

i love all the pics of Baby B! look at him NOMing on that apple. such a healthy thing ;)

and i love the yellow room!