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Thursday, June 18, 2009

What I might have done today...

***Please take a moment to Pray for Stellan this morning. Visit When a Duet Becomes a Trio and leave Linds a comment to let her know you've prayed. She will be forwarding her list to MckMama.***

I might have let Baby B entertain himself with a spoon and a bowl of applesauce.

I might have had a disastrously messy baby to clean up afterwards.

I might have let Baby B further enterain himself by unfolding an entire basket of laundry.

I might have spent $1.06 at the McD's drive through- on my debit card, no less - because I am completely out of Diet Coke.

I might have forgotten to charge my camera batteries again. For the fifth day in a row.

I might have worn a $3 clearanced shirt from Target today.

I might have traded my sister an out-of-use Vera Bradley messenger bag in exchange for a pair of Croc flip flops.

I might have just eaten dinner at 9:30pm.

I might have bid adieu to my money pit SUV yesterday...

...which means I might have bought a new car in the past 24 hours.

I might be writing a whole 'nother post describing the amazing deal we got.

I might have let Baby B sample real milk for the first time today.

I might have spiked that milk with chocolate to entice him to drink it.

I might have opened an Etsy shop today.

I might have taken a wagon walk with Baby B up and down our streets a dozen times just so I could watch him wave and holler at his daddy who was mowing the lawn.

I might have walked up and down a couple more times so I could eye how good my new car looked in our driveway.

I might have serenaded Baby B today with a made-up song that included the words Toodle Goose and Noodle Bug.

I might have procrastinated a bit too much in the development of Baby B's birthday invites.

I might have printed only one out for his baby book's sake.

I might be sending an eVite.

I might have talked aloud to myself today professing my hatred for the teeth-cutting process.

I might have thought about my list of might-haves throughout the day today in preparation for this post.

But, then again, I might not have.


Unknown said...

That might have been a lot of fun to read. No, it definitely was! Thanks!

Duet Diva said... the ETSY shop your onezies? Let us know where it is...I am a HUGE Etsy fan!

The Pettijohn's said...

Love the might-haves :) and show us this store and this new CAR!!

Nat said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! Love the might haves and I agree with everyone I want to see the new car and the etsy store!

Katie said...

Teeth cutting is really not that bad...