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Sunday, September 6, 2009


We've been super busy at the Babbling Household this weekend. In fact, to compensate for an action-packed Saturday, the entire family napped for about two-hours today. This is becoming a necessary Sunday afternoon routine.

However, why is it, that an afternoon nap sometimes has the opposite effect of making me feel refreshed and renewed? Instead, I woke up in a haze and still quite a bit tired. Maybe because we moved 80% of the furniture in our home the day before? Highly likely.

I'd love to update with pictures, but I've been too busy to whip out the camera and our house seems to be a constant work in progress. I still think I owe you pictures of the infamous Mint Room from back in May. Maybe you'll just have to think of it as the Mythical Unicorn - imagined and admired from afar, but no one's ever actually seen it...

Anyway, B and I are watching Shark Tank while Baby B snoozles in his *new* bedroom. Hope y'all are having a super holiday weekend. Don't do anything too laborious tomorrow. Tee hee hee ;)

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Mommy Webb said...

You better post pics, sister. I think your Mint Green Room is fabulous and mythical. So pretty. So post, sister, POST!