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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Starting off with a cute picture completely unrelated to this post.

I am so over the cold. So over it that I have refused to wear a jacket for the past month. Because I take issue with the restrictive nature of a jacket (esp while driving) and think that if maybe I don't wear one it will induce spring. Of course, this is an absolutely ludicrous claim, and the heat is buzzing on right now.

But the sun is shining, and it's above freezing. This is good. Unfortunately, I really need it to be above 50 to get me out with the running stroller and not feel like I'm subjecting my son to windburn for 40 minutes.

I've considered rejoining our local fitness center recently, but our track record {and budget} tends to sway me back to whatever direction the running stroller rolls in. The joining a gym part isn't difficult. It's the actually going that gets in the way. The last time we belonged, we became members in March of 2008, I was six months pregnant and optimistic that if I just joined a gym I wouldn't gain another ounce the last 3 months of my pregnancy.

So, honestly, I went. I did. Every morning before school (I was doing a long-term sub at the time), I would get up at 5:30am and waddle along awkwardly on the treadmill hoping to stave off another 30 pounds. Oh yes, friends, 30 pounds. You read that right. And, despite my best efforts, I'd go on to gain another 30 before it was all said and done. I quit going in May, when I thought my hips would unhinge if I had to pedal the elliptical one more time.

With another nine months left of our contract and already out several hundred dollars, we quit going. B never went once. Beckham came and I found that nursing *holla* was the best darn diet I'd ever been on and why go to the gym when I could bond with my baby and lose the baby weight? (And now the nursing mommas are giving up an amen!)

Anyway. I am in three weddings this year (thanks, girls) and have three bridesmaid dresses to rock out in 2010, so I'm a bit motivated to tone up. Plus, I haven't nursed in almost nine months, so I need to quit eating like I still burn 500 extra calories a day.

Random question, has anyone ever tried a vanilla-soy latte from Starbucks? Can you taste the soy? I need some recommendations for a healthier coffee drink - one I could make at home, preferably.

Happy Tuesday.


Lindsey said...

I hear ya on the nursing diet! It worked wonders for my I just have to worry about the toning issue.

I've never tried a soy latte before but I have used soy milk in my Chai teas before and it's never been a taste issue. If anything, it made it 'silkier' -- if that makes sense!

If you find out any good coffee recipes to make at home, let us all know! I need some variety..and something a little easier on the checkbook :)

Lyryn said...

I wish I could nurse... I want to... but my body just doesn't produce enough. I do hear that nursing is the best and fastest way to get the weight off... but I'm stuck.

I have a wedding one month after this one is due.... not looking forward to it!

Gina said...

You should get a trial to the gym (most clubs offer them) and try a few classes. Get into a spin can actually burn 1000 calories in an hour!! Good luck!

Maggie said...

Amen for nursing!
When I go to sbucks I get a soy chi-latte, and they are fabulous.

michelle said...

I drink the soy lattes and they are great! So, when should I start seeing this big time weight loss while nursing? It hasn't started yet. =)

Nat said...

It was so nice here today and it's getting warmer, I'm so ready to be able to run outside!! Oh and power walking is just as good as running...
I drink soy everything, and I love the vanilla soy latte I can't tell the difference between soy and regular milk!

AbbyS. said...

I still eat like I am nursing and it has been a long time. I am also in a wedding in May with a bunch of stick figures...I need to get on it!
I do go to Jazzercise and heart it!
I would also suggest the Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks.

Lea Liz said...

I'm with you about Nursing.. theres no way I could have lost 65 lbs whitout nursing...

How did you wean B??