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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Real McCoys

As of 7pm on Friday night, I officially married off the last of my bridesmaids (with the exception of my 21-year-old sister).  Four of my nearest and dearest tied the knot in the past year and a half, so this concludes the "everyone-I-know-is-getting-married" phase of my life. 

I took this picture of Katie after she got her makeup finished at the salon.  Doesn't she look all of the radiant bride?

This is the bride, her sister (Hi, Delaurah!), and her mom. 

 I snapped these two only moments before she walked down the aisle...

Katie and I lived together (with Allison) in the Alpha Delta Pi house at the University of Kentucky in a 3-girl room our Junior Year of college.  The three of us cock{roach} blocked, sang From the windows to the walls! laying on our backs doing leg formations in our beds, and spent many nights in Goldie Honda.  Good, good times.

And, it's not a wedding without the customary candids...

Me & Katie {aka. Dr.B}
I can't tell you how many pictures I've ruined by sticking my face out way too far.  This one was salvagable, but I'm nearly hiding Katie.  Bad habit.

I love this one of the happy couple.  It sums up their personalities perfectly.  I think this was after we danced to the Glee version of Don't Stop Believin' at the top of our lungs. 

And, lastly, the pic of all the Shady Pi girls present, minus the bride and her sister. 

Congrats to The McCoys!


Shannon said...

Your girls have fabulous taste in dresses! Love the one-shoulder & the red! I've got one of my last girls getting married in 2 weeks and the dresses aren't nearly as cute.

Nat said...

What a gorgeous bride- I love her dress! You guys look great in the red! I've almost married off all of my girlfriends, only a few more left!

Jamie said...

She was a beautiful bride! Love the bridesmaid dresses too :)

Mrs. Ruby said...

How fun! I'm just now starting to marry off all of my friends - what a crazy but exciting phase of life!
P.S. I was an ADPI too (at Kansas State) :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty bride! And love the bridesmaid dresses! You get to wear some cute ones! Lucky :)