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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

I'm not going to lie, I love What I Wore Wednesday.  I love reading everyone's posts at The Pleated Poppy and your comments give me a midweek boost :)  I'm off on Thursday and Friday this week for Fall Break, so I hope to do a Goodwill post sometime soon!

The Kinda Summery Outfit
 yellow tee - NY&Co.
sundress - TJ Maxx circa 2005
sweater - Old Navy
leggings - hand-me-down from sister
boots - Goodwill

The Schoolgirl
turtleneck - NY&Co.
plaid tunic - Goodwill
skinnies - Gap clearance center
rosette flats - Target

The Rehearsal
little black dress - I have no idea???
necklace - Goodwill
flower - made by moi :)

 The Matron of Honor
 gorgeous bridesmaids dress - Dessy brand from Twirl in Lexington
pefectly matching shoes - Target for $19.99
a beautiful wedding, happy couple, and a dress you can seriously re-wear? priceless :)
{couldn't help myself...}

The I'm-Being-Observed-Today Outfit
dress - kidnapped from my sister's closet 
sweater - NY&Co.
footless tights - TJMaxx
ruffle flats in mushroom - Target {this season} $12.99 buy some!!!

The What to Wear in Fall? Outfit
sweater - j.crew
dress - goodwill
tights - ???

 The I Wanted Another Excuse to Wear my $10 Boots Outfit
turtleneck - NY&Co.
necklace - Goodwill
dress - Goodwill
skinnies - Gap clearance center
boots - Goodwill
belt - ???

Are you playing along?  Let me know!  I need some fall inspiration something bad!  What colors are you into this season?  I'm on the hunt for some deep blues and purples... 

Today's my "Friday" since we're off for the next four days, so you can imagine my excitement!  Happy Wednesday :)


MrsKinne said...

You look fabulous-- I'm especially loving your observation outfit. I know how nerve-wracking that can be, and I hope it went well. :)

According to Ashley said...

So jealous that it seems like you're off every Friday for something another (the girls' weekend, the wedding, now Fall Break)!! I want a Friday off! It makes the week so much more do-able.

Jamie said...

Loving ALL your outfits as usual! They're all just so cute :) Enjoy your fall break! We have Friday and Monday off and I'm super excited :)

The Chapmans said...

So many cute outfits you come up with.

For fall I like purples(my favorite color), army green, navy, camel, and deep reds/mauves.

The Chapmans said...

Also, love the bridesmaid dress but especially the purple toenails!

The Lutz Family said...

Enjoy your LONG weekend!!! I think you truly deserve it huh?! Have fun with the boys!

Ann said...

lookin' cute! love all the dresses!

i think the one you took from your sister's closet is from target...i looks just like one i was thinking of ordering! now i think i will!

relax over your break!

D Dierks said...

I love how you are turning your sun dresses into great fall outfits! You look beautiful in that dress for the wedding.

Bejeweled Wednesdays@jewelscapes.blogspot

db said...

i love your new goodwill boots! i want to find its twin pair somewhere!

Anonymous said...

Love the dress you wore to the wedding. It's gorgeous! I also love the dress you stole from your sister's closet. That made for a really cute outfit!

Paige said...

I loveee that bridesmaid dress and those perfect target shoes are too cute! You always look very fabulous!

Paige said...

Great looks girl!

Anonymous said...

Those Target shoes are gorgeous!

Holly said...

Okay, I'm in heavy infatuation with all of your outfits. Very, very hip and cute. I'm trying to get my nerve up to wear leggings under a dress or long tunic--we'll see.

mommyholly said...

OK, you are TOO cute!!!! I loveee your outfits and am DYING for those boots! Goodwill?! How come my thirft stores never have things like that?! And PS. You are my NEW best friend for the Lauren Conrad comment. I. LOVE. HER. :) Thanks!!! See you next week for WIWW!
xoxox Holly

G. said...

great outfits! That bridesmaids dress is gorgeous. :)

Shannon said...

that bridesmaids dress is so pretty and your hair looks stunning in that picture!

Cambria said...

Hi, stopping over from the pleated poppy. Those target shoes are incredible! I love everything you find and put together from thrift stores! You're outfits are SO SO cute!!!