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Thursday, October 21, 2010

What I'm Loving Thursday :)

I know, I know.  It's Thursday, not Wednesday.  But, I always want to play along with Jamie...but I either forget or don't feel like blogging on Wednesday for some reason.  I pre-write the WIWW post on Tuesday night, and I just don't have it in me on Wednesday to write.  Weird.

Anyway, a day late, here it is.  My first What I'm Loving post!


B.  I love this guy.  You all, he has put up with so much garbage from me lately.  I'm whiny.  And complainy.  And tired.  And grumpy.  And demanding.  And sometimes it's probably not much fun to be married to me.  But, thankfully, his love for me perseveres (cue bird chirping and rainbows) and he still gives me back rubs after long days on my feet. Oh, and he's handy as all get out.  Here he is doing something or other on the stairs in preparation for the big upstairs redo.  First things first - remove old carpet and paint. 


I am totally in love with this Red Velvet Cake yogurt.   I eat it with my school packed lunch at least two times a week.  Yum.


I am trying hard to convince B that I need, want, love and adore this Amy Butler rug.  It is totally gorgeous.  For our bedroom, living room, dining room.  Wherever.  I just love it.


Holy cow.  I love Tootsie Roll Midgees so much that I singlehandedly have polished off an entire bag during the past four days of school. {And the bad things is that I actually bought them for my kiddos!}  Halloween candy is a big downfall for me - especially as a teacher when kids are bringing it in constantly for our upcoming Fall Festival. 

I love volumizing hair products.  I don't know if they work all that well, but mentally they give me the added poof I need before and after I blowdry my hair.  Lately, especially since my self-dye job is growing out quickly, I've been using Psssst! to lighten my roots and pump up the volume.  It's dry shampoo.  I seriously recommend it for any flat, fine-haired sistas out there.


Yum and yum.  I recently received two Starbucks giftcards and have treated myself to a delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte on mornings when I don't feel like starting the coffee in the morning.  Love. It.


I'm loving The Beatles tonight, as my first graders sang a Beatles medley with the other first grade classes tonight at the PTA meeting and it was so stinkin' cute.  Each class sang an individual song and then together they sang Let it Be.  If you teach elementary, I highly recommend purchasing/downloading the KidzBop Sing the Beatles and working with your music teacher to do this performance. 


I am loving that tomorrow is FRIDAY!  Yay!


Meghan said...

LOVING number {3}. That rug is FABULOUS! Also loving number {6} because anything pumpkin is delicious. And I may have to steal number {7} because I am also a school teacher and need something for our PTA program. Cute idea!

Shannon said...

I want that rug baaaaad too. When B lets you buy it, just add 2 to your cart :)

Ashley said...

Girl after my own heart...

LOVE the rug
Love the tootsie rolls
and I have been trying to find a dry shampoo for flat/fine hair!


Anonymous said...

Pretty rug! Love it!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along even if it's a day late :)

I love that rug too! So pretty!

I know you're happy tomorrow is Friday :) Enjoy your weekend girl!

Nat said...

I totally heart that Amy Butler rug, I pretty much love all of her stuff. Can I borrow your husband for a weekend?? Mine is lacking the handy dept badly!

Katy said...

Have you tried the Yoplait Key lime Pie? I recommend it!

According to Ashley said...

I can't seem to really "get into" yogurt, but I love REAL red velvet cake, so maybe I should give that flavor a try! Oh and that rug is GORGEOUS.

Susannah said...

That yogurt looks rad, and I'll bet that those kids singing the Beatles was sooooo stinkin cure!!

RELH said...

LOVE # 8!~

The Ossege Family said...

The rug is FABULOUS, hope you get it :)

Where did you find the dry shampoo? My hair sould really use it.

HAve you heard from Heather lately???

Kristin said...

O my goodness!!! I did not know Red Velvet Cake yogert existed!!!!! Red Velvet is my fav!!!! i may post my yummy red velvet cake recipe now!

A Wedding Story said...

Does Psssst smell bad? I've had morning queasy issues with my dry shampoo.

Rachel said...

I am loving that red velvet cake yogurt too! I eat it several times a week. That one and the pineapple upside down cake are my favs! that rug!!!

Amy said...

Where do you get the dry shampoo at?