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Monday, December 20, 2010

Just catching up.

Today, Becks and I braved the masses in attempt to accomplish a myriad of pre-holiday errands, including a trip to get the oil changed in my car and go to the courthouse to get our cartags renewed - always a pleasant experience, what with all those cheery state employees. {I kid you not, there was not one person in line when I arrived, about 5 available employees, and everyone of them failed to acknowledge me for the first two minutes I stood there with my very present (read: loud) child.} 

I also had about a bazillion Christmas presents to find, buy, and wrap.  And, keep in mind, I had to do all of this with a TWO-YEAR-OLD in tow.  That meant that I stocked the diaper bag full of goldfish, juiceboxes, and lollipops in an effort to abate any tantrum-throwing, stroller-resisting, running-away-from-mama type situations.  For the most part, he really was a true gem, but there were moments when the Target popcorn just wasn't cutting if, reminding me why Christmas shopping with a toddler likely qualifies as some form of abuse.  I'm just not sure who comes away tortured the most, though - the parent or the child? 

In short, I am - dare I say it - done Christmas shopping.  I even managed to buy 2 toys from Santa without Becks even knowing it.  I did have to convince him that the long handle hanging out of the bag was a broomstick when he question it (it was a hobby horse).  He bought it.

* * * * * * * * * *

We were MIA this weekend because we went to the Lakehouse with my parents and sisters.  They treated us to a train ride with Santa and dinner on Saturday night.  Becks, being all into locomotives right now, thought the train was pretty darn cool.  The fact that Santa visited with him while enroute, even cooler.  The fact that the train blew its whistle multiple times during the trip, the coolest. 

The best pic I could get of all three of them!

What's a trip to the Lakehouse without bacon?

B and Aubbers.

Mom, Me, and Becks.

Santa was pretty serious into lecturing the kids about being good.  Not kidding.

Santa requested this picture.  He he he.

Showing Becks Cumberland Falls.  Kinda creeped me out!
And - I can officially say it - the semester is OVER.  Praise God.  I'll blog more about it later, but I would have to say it was one of the most difficult four months of our lives as an individual, couple, and a family.  Brandon finished off the semester smashingly, the first half of the school year is behind me, and I only have 15 more credit hours to go until I see an enormous increase in my teacher salary (I kid).  We owe more than we can imagine to that tiny baby in the manger. 

Now, I'm off to drink  twelve a Diet Coke to calm down from the Christmas chaos, and enjoy the first naptime of many over the next couple weeks :)  Happy Monday, y'all!


Sallie said...

I totally will need to hear more about the Santa train- I may take Jagger next year! You have to check out his Santa pics- HILARIOUS. Merry, Merry Christmas to you- glad the semester is over and you can recharge before chaos ensues again!

Anonymous said...

You and your mom are SO presh in those headbands! And? Hooray for a pleasant Santa encounter! We were relieved to have a good one as well, especially after last years fiasco.

Ariane said...

You are a very brave soul, Abby!

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

SO JEALOUS your semester is over!!! Do your students get out this whole week???

That last picture of you and your hubs and baby is so adorable.

P.S. I just wanted to tell you...You are an amazing mom and teacher and wife! Reading your blog truly inspires me!

Mrs. Southern said...

The Santa train looks like so much fun! I'm loving your headband wrap thingy! Please tell me you can make me one!? ;) Enjoy your diet coke(s) and naptime!

Anonymous said...

I love the Santa, requesting pictures with the ladies, lecturing kids on being good. Too funny!!

Hope you get some relaxation in now that you're on break, done with shopping and all.

According to Ashley said...

I can't imagine Christmas shopping with a toddler! Yikes! Oh and I never knew your husband's "real" name until just now! :) Merry (early) Christmas!

Gina said...

That Santa train sounds awesome!

Kathleen said...

I have one semester left of grad school -- so I feel your pain!! Can't wait to be done! You'll get there!!!

Ashley said...

Wow that sounds hectic! Where did you get the adorable hat you and your mom are wearing in all your pictures!?

Shannon said...

Oh man, I thought shopping with an infant was bad. I know that I have about a 10 minute time period to get in and out of target or else we have a meltdown. My boy does not like being strapped into his carseat and puffs up his little chest to let me know about it. So I see this is only gonna get worse? haha. Way to go on finishing the semester and school year!