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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sharing Secrets...

Here are some silly secrets...

- I secretly keep one pacifier in my coat pocket, despite the fact that Becks hasn't taken one in a
month now. I'm holding onto it as a last little sentiment of my no-longer baby.

- I secretly fear that our computer is going to die any day.  And I haven't backed up one picture or file.  There are thousands of pictures saved to our harddrive, and more school-related documents than I'd care to imagine.

-  I secretly miss the drama of The Hills, Jersey Shore, and Teen Mom16 and Pregnant just isn't cutting it for me this season.

-  I secretly want another pair of Uggs for Christmas.  Grey, knit ones with buttons.
-  I secretly have the desire to move.  Which totally isn't going to happen.  But I shop real estate frequently.

-  I secretly have an extremely messy desk at school, usually piled a foot high with paperwork.  Somedays, when it gets really bad, I just toss the whole stack and pray that I didn't throw away anything important.

-  I secretly am longing for a snow day. 

-  I secretly hate getting ready.  Showering, putting on makeup, fixing my hair = a wasted hour.

-  I secretly have a gobzillion eyeshadows and use about 5 of them on a regular basis.  I save them for the what-ifs.  What if I buy a lime green ______ and need lime green eyeshadow to match?

-  I secretly am a major grad school slacker.  Other things take precedence. 

-  I secretly ate four left-over empanadas today.  2 for lunch, 2 for dinner.  Yum.

-  I secretly am sick of typing the word secretly.  I've said it so much in my head, it's starting to not sound like a real word anymore!

Any secrets you want to share  today?


AbbyS. said...

I really think i wrote his post! How did you know all my secrets?? I want those Uggs, I secretly miss The Hills and Teen Mom too. This season of 16 is not keeping me interested. :( I secretly throw away piles off my desk ALL THE TIME! If it overwhelms me I toss it. I got so overwhelmed by my 1,000 plus emails on my gmail account that I deleted them all hoping there was nothing important!
I secretly was a grad school slacker and managed to get a 4.0 it can be done. Busy work is the worst!
Love that cute boy on that yellow bench! He is a doll!

Michele said...

Fun post! I'm secretly ready for some more reality drama, too. And, I still have a pacifier somewhere in the kitchen cabinets that I just can't throw away even though my little guy hasn't used it in well over a year. The other secret I have is that my kitchen is a total disaster and I DO NOT want to clean it. I just want to sit at the computer and veg.

Miss V said...

I HATE getting ready in the morning for the exact same reason...wasted time..however I have gone to school w/o makeup before and my students were seriously concerned that I was ill.. gotta love that honesty.. kind of hahah

Anonymous said...

I completely understand your secrets :) I secretly cannot wait for my long term sub job to end. I am stressed about it beyond belief, but can't wait for the break. I also put off grad school as long as possible, but like Abby S. I am getting a 4.0 too! It can be done!

Have a great night :)

Jamie said...

Love your secrets :)

I hate getting ready in the mornings too but I fear that if I didn't the kids might run away from me!

I'm always looking at houses for sale and house plans :)

I LOVE that ottoman and those pretty!

Jenny said...

I hate getting ready too! If I had a super power it would be to wake up with my hair and makeup already done!

Jenni said...

I love this post! As a teacher, I completely understand your desk situation!

Lauren said...

Abby -

I agree with getting ready - and I would be so sad if you all moved so I say no to that one :)

And! I have the best news. I got these boots at old navy that are basically the same as the ones you want because I too, have loved them for some time now. For $15! They have a few different colors. Remind me to show them to you sometime this weekend. Come over!

Mrs. Ruby said...

I seriously dislike getting ready as really is such a waste of time. Ugh!
And I agree, 16 & Preggers is definitely not cutting it. Thank goodness there are others out there above the age of 21 who live for trashy "reality" MTV.

A Wedding Story said...

You are a hoot! I HATE getting ready..what a waste. But, people would run for their lives if I stepped out of my house without makeup or 'done' hair.

Nat said...

You have no idea how much I am missing The Hills... Oh I long for those days again!
I suggest you back up your computer files b/c I just got a nasty nasty virus that cost $300 for the Geek Squad to fix because it had taken over so much stuff!! I didn't have my files backed up so they did it for me but it cost $100, I wish I had thought about it before all that happened. I could have spent that $300 on so many other things.
Oh I also hate getting ready but I look scary without makeup and blown dry hair.

Anonymous said...

I secretly want a whole day to myself where I go to the spa, go shopping, and drink coffee all day and not have to worry about feeling guilty.

P.S. Those Uggs are on my wish list too!

Melissa said...

I love this post! You made me laugh out loud when I was reading about you throwing away the whole stack of papers and praying you didn't throw away anything important :)... I know the feeling of fearing your computer is going to die. I also have all my pictures on my computer not backed up. I know it's going to happen one of these days!

simply shea said...

I used to get dressed and ready for class almost everyday in undergrad. I secretly only wear makeup on special occasions or on the weekends now. And I secretly let me hair air dry these days and just do a bobby pinned poof. I totally feel ya on the hour wasted. And this way I get to sleep that much longer :)

Ariane said...

I'm not so secretly in love with your yellow furniture. Also, those Uggs are awesome.

I secretly am kind of scared that college is almost over. I've been going to school every day for a really long time...

Mrs. Wheeler said...

I love your blog!
Now for a fashion question: I bought a pair of black/gray tweed shorts from Limited that I want to wear to a holiday party (with black tights and black suede booties). BUT, I secretly don't know what kind of a top/sweater to put with them. HELP!PLEASE!

California Wife said...

Ahh I love it, so cute! I love that you confessed to throwing a whole stack of paperwork away... who doesn't do that every once it awhile, it's horrifying but feels so good! : )

Hope you have a great Friday, the weekend is almost here!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

i'm a super slacker at grad school too! i'm glad i'm out on christmas break until the middle of january. i needed a break!