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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Soooo not an exciting post.

It took everything out of me to come out of my Christmas jammies to go to Target this morning.  I have been 200% content to wear them for four days straight.  They're comfortable, cozy, and Christmasy.  So, there will be no What I Wore Wednesday posts anytime soon, seeing that I would be posting this same picture for 4/7 of the week.

More humorously, Becks did wear Christmas jammies to Target {at his request} and he was still sporting a bedhead poof that rivaled Snooki's. Ain't no shame in our game. 

Despite being in perpetual sleepwear, I have had a rather productive and accomplished past few days.  I had to stage an immediate intervention upon returning from our holiday festivities because I could no longer take the chaos that was our house.  Please tell me that you can relate this disaster:

So I cleaned.  And cleaned.  And cleaned some more.  {It helped that a friend was coming to visit early on Monday morning!  Thanks, Kate!}  Then I organized, organized, organized.  

Hellllllllooooooooo, clean and lovely pantry. 

I even hung this spice rack my very self, thankyouverymuch. 

And then I decluttered.  And when I say decluttered I mean that I went through every closet in the house and rid ourselves of anything we haven't worn, seen, or played with in the past year.  Seven black garbage bags, y'all.  SEVEN.  Plus, two comforters that wouldn't fit.  I was going to save it all up for a garage sale, but I decided since I like Goodwilling for other people's stuff, someone out there might be Goodwilling for what I have. 

Amidst the things I sent to be thrifted were this pair of Abercrombie & Fitch Chelsea Jeans circa 2004. 

 They were a college relic that have been holding onto for posterity, I guess.  I contemplated keeping them and even tried them on yesterday before I tossed them in the bag.  The good news: they still fit!  The bad news: they did not look like anything I remembered them looking like when I was a junior at UK.  They sagged in the heiny and just looked pretty much awful {thank you, post-baby body}.  So, away they went. 

I'm out - this cutie pie is wailing through the monitor:  I wanna hoooooold you, mommy!


Jamie said...

I've been in my comfy clothes all day today and am loving it :)

Your pantry looks great and Becks is cute as always!

Ariane said...

People swear by spring cleaning, but I think right after Christmas is another good time to declutter. It helps when you have lots of new stuff to make room for!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE to organize so this was an exciting post!! Nice job :)

Unknown said...

He is the sweetest, cutest little child! And for the record, I've stayed in my christmas pjs too :)

Mrs. O'Brien said...

Cute picture - my daughter says "I want to hold you" also. Makes me laugh!

AbbyS. said...

I did the exact same thing today!! It did help that we had a sitter coming tonight and you could not see the floor. I also tossed a pair of AF jeans but pretty sure mine were circa 1999 and there was no way they would fit. Ha!
Good work on that pantry. Come on over and do mine if you get bored this week. :)

Jessica said...

I just got caught up on your last few posts...looks like y'all had a great Christmas! WOW your pantry is so organized it makes me want to go do mine! Aww, my little man says "I wanna hold you" too! They are so funny & sweet at this age!

Kristen said...

I'm so jealous that you had the time to clean and organize. I want to do that so bad, but it's hard when my hubby is home and wants to see what I am tossing. I think he is a hoarder deep down and wants to make sure I keep stuff we don't need. Luckily he works tomorrow! As for today, I think it's good-bye Christmas...see you next year. (sniff, sniff!)

Jillian said...

I have no pictures of me in normal clothes this week either, except Christmas day and eve;)

Amanda said...

Cute pjs! If you don't mind, would you please check out my blog! My husband and I are trying to win a canvas from our wedding day, and we are neck & neck with another couple. We only have a few more days to clinch it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

labride said...

Oh girl, you need to come stage an Christmas PJ intervention with me too! I only put on clothes to go to Lowe's haha. Guess we are just totally taking advantage of our little teacher break:)

Carolina City Girl said...

definitely have those pajama pants and have been living...i mean...sleeping in them for the entire Christmas season. i love them!