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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Link up with Jamie here!

1.  Sadly enough, I am loving the preview for Jersey Shore where Snooki faceplants into the sand.  I seriously CRACK UP every time I see it.  She's walking, she's walking, aaaaaand she's down.... He he he!

2.  On that same note, totally loving the fact that the Season 3 premiere airs tomorrow night.  Sorry.  That show {and all other questionable MTV reality shows} are my vice.  That and Diet Coke.  And thrifting.  And blogging.  Maybe perfect handwriting too.

3.  I'm loving that I've kept true to my New Year's resolution and have not stayed after school to work late.  Granted, it's only Day 3.  But I haven't worked from home either.  This is big for me.  I'm a recovering workaholic.

4.  I'm loving that my IRL friend, Rachel, is having a BABY GIRL!  Ah!  This little {Alpha Delta Pi} legacy will be here in May.  Yay for the Webbies! {Rach, I stole your pic!}  Isn't she beautiful?!

5.  I'm loving these Michelina's Lean Gourmet pizza rolls.  Yummo.  And they cost only 88 cents at Kroger.  A healthier unhealthy cheap snack ;)
6.  I love, love, love the prediction of snow on Friday and Tuesday.  Yup, totally ready for a snowday already.

7.  I love the fact that my husband can do things I cannot.  Like remove cabinets and cheap wall tiling.  No matter how long it takes, just getting the process started means that we will have a new kitchen!  Someday...

8.  I'm {not} loving the fact that we're probably going to be eating a lot of microwaveable meals in the next two months.  Blah.  I'm hoping to become better friends with Crock.  As in Crockpot.

9.  I'm loving that our calendar for 2011 is completely open with the exception of a wedding in July that a certain someone gets to participate in.  And this time it's not me!  Won't this little guy be stunning in a tux?

10.  I'm loving that tomorrow is Thursday!  Praise. The. Lord.

Happy Day, y'all!


simply shea said...

i love those .88 cent meals. they totally help my budget! and so many of them taste just as good (or bad) as the smart ones and lean cuisines!

kebowman said...

cute blog!! :) I'll have to try those pizza rolls!!! haha hope to talk to you soon!!

Kathleen said...

I need to use the crock pot more too with crazy grad's what I tried tonight. SOOO good! (I reduced cumin, added chili powder and celery, used reg tortilla chips)

Ashley said...

So agreeing with you on the snow! Are you here in Maryland too?

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along girl!

Love all your vices :)

Hope the rest of your week goes by fast!

Curly J said...

Ahhh I'm with you on those silly TV shows! I don't watch Jersey Shore but I did waste 2 hours of my precious unit planning time (I'm a student teacher) Monday night watching the Bachelor... I felt really guilty through the whole thing, but I kept watching lol!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

i'm addicted to diet coke too. i had no idea it was supposed to snow. immediately after i read that, i checked the weather on my dashboard lol. have a great rest of the week and hope you get a snow day.

Cara Carroll said...

Speaking of my BFF Michelina, you should try her mac & cheese. LOVE IT. And if we lived closer, pretty sure we'd drink ourselves silly with diet cokes while stuffing our faces full of pizza rolls watching EVERY single questionable MTV show ever created. I'm fist pumpin' just thinking about it :)
YAY for Thursday!! Woo Hoo!!!

Ashlee said...

Google "oprah crockpot lasagna" is so good, good for you and doesn't take that much time to assemble.

Happy crock(pot)ing :)

Anonymous said...

Good job on not staying after work!! :)

Miss Chelsea said...

Pizza rolls?! Yum haven't had those in years!

I'm loving that you're getting a new kitchen! I can't wait to see more.

I'm, however, not loving that we're mucho miles away so we can't go goodwilling together

AbbyS. said...

I love those pizza rolls!! The breakfast ones are good too. $0.88 part best!! Love the list and I can't wait to see the kitchen progress.

Mommy Webb said...

You are too sweet, Mrs. Mullins. This child will be wearing lion onsies and azure blue from day one. Let the brainwashing commence...thanks so much for the shout out. Love u!

Ariane said...

I'm loving all the things your loving!

...except Jersey Shore, haha. :)

Shubs said...

Hmmm...I'm thinkin' Becks has inherited some LONG skinny legs from someone else we know...SO CUTE!

Let's work together on that crock pot cooking...I could use some new easy peasy meals!