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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Wednesday. And it's random.

1.  These random posts are becoming a staple in my blogging life.

2.  Why does advil work so much better for me than tylenol? 

3.  I tried the NetiPot again.  Still unimpressed.  I wonder if it would work better for just regular sinus issues than sinus issues as a result of the flu?  Hmmm.

4.  Not super impressed with the girlies on American Idol tonight.  Except Lauren Alaina.  And Pia. I kinda love them the best.

5.  Have you been to ModCloth Jamie totally turned me onto it.  And I love her for it because now I can obsess over the gobzillions of dresses on this site.  And omiword do you just want it to be spring so you can put on your favorite sundresses after looking at these beauties?! 

Prairie in Bloom

Train Ticket

At Last We Pleat

All the Sage

6.  Becks often answers our questions by saying Of course!  It's really cute.  He's so big.

7.  B picked up our prefinished hardwood from Lumber Liquidators today.  It has to sit in the house for 3 days to adjust to the house and the room humidity.  This could mean that it will be installed this weekend - pending the health of my favorite DIYer, of course.  Becks and I just wanted to make sure B enjoys the germs as much as we are.  We're sweet like that.

8.  My tax returns are filed and accepted.  Wahoo!  {Major thanks to my Papa who at 82 still does our taxes for us every stinkin' year.  He's a retired CPA and pretty amazing.  Thanks, Papa!}

9.  When my sense of smell and taste returned last night for the first time in days, I promptly rewarded myself with a trip to McDonalds for fries and a McChicken sandwich.  And I regretted not one little calorie packed into that little meal because it was 12 kinds of delicious.  And I don't have a kitchen and I'm pretty tired of Healthy Choices.  If you want to invite me over for dinner, that would be excellent.  I'll return the favor.  When I have a kitchen again.  Maybe by June?

10.  Have you seen Traffic Light?  It comes on after American Idol and it is HILARIOUS!  Watch it!


Abbie Austin said...

I just have to brag that Lauren Alaina is from my home town! We are awfully proud. : ) I hope you are feeling better.

kris1582 said...

LOVE Lauren A.! She's been my FAV since she auditioned and sang Aerosmith with Steven!! I hope she gets through..if she doesn't I might boycott!

Jamie said...

I liked Pia tonight too :)

Glad I could help your ModCloth addition :) I just love all their dresses!

Brandi said...

Thanks for always giving me a good laugh!! Can't wait to see the floors!!

Unknown said...

Love traffic light. Love love.

And I just bought two dresses (I neeeeeeded them!) and it's too cold to wear em. Bummer.

My posts have become super random, too. Mostly because no one wants to hear about homework, and I don't AT ALL want to write about it.

Rachelle said...

Get better soon girl! You crack me up!

Erica said...

Very cute dresses! And not to scare you, but our recommendation for the hardwood to adjust to our house/climate was two WEEKS? Not that I want to make you wait any longer, I just don't want it to get ruined. My husband was in a house last week where they didn't wait long enough and there were huge gaps between the boards.

Gia said...

Jamie turned me onto modcloth as well! have you checked out topshop? both my faves.
hope you and your household start getting better soon!!

Ashley said...

hang in there! I've averaged 8 students absent everyday this week. The crud is definitely going around. And trust me, after your kitchen remodel, you won't want a microwave meal for a loooooong time. It's all worth it in the end, I promise.

Jenni said...

Cute dresses! We just got our tax refund this week and I'm so excited. Advil works much better for me too!

Miss Chelsea said...

Advil works better for me too... I hear it reduces inflammation rather than just dulling the pain (a la Tylenol) but I'm no MD.

I'm so excited for your new kitchen! If you were closer I would totally invite you over for dinner. Oh wait, last night I had McD's also. Hmm...

And, lastly, I can't wait til my niece talks clearly so I can teach her to say things like Becks does ha!

Megan said...

Yup- the strain of flu this year is 12 kinds of awful. Hope you get all the way better soon. Now I'm craving mcdonalds- thanks!

Gina said...

Don't give up on the Neti Pot. I swear by it but it has done NOTHING for my flu-related-sinus-infection. Blech.

Lyndsay Almeida said...

i LOVE modcloth. LOVE LOVE LOVE!