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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Officially IRL.

So, how super pumped was I when Mama Perks emailed me and said she was going to be travelling through my neck of the woods and she wanted to have a real, live bloggy friend meet-up?!  Um, totally super pumped! 

She stopped in on Saturday with her two precious boys, Henry and Marshall.  And what pumpkins they were!  Henry was just the perfect angel of a child and Marsh slept almost the whole time. We ate lunch, finished watching the UK game, went shopping, and - of course - talked and talked talked!  And, nope, we'd never met before!  In about .5 seconds it was as if we'd been friends for years!  Ironically enough, we did go to college together at the UofK, but never remember running into each other (which is quite possible with a ginormous student population).  Before taking our status to IRL {ha!}, we had this sweet girl as a mutual friend :)

Anyway, the bottom line is that Lindsey is pretty much darling and we're already making plans to meet again!  Maybe in C-bus to take the boys to COSI :) 

And, of course, we had to snap some pics for the blog!

I heart this pic - Henry is thinking What is he doing?!  I'm trying to eat my fries! and Becks is making that awkward smile face.  Ha!

Baby Marsh smiled at me.  Swoon!
Happy Wednesday, friends!


Anonymous said...

You will totally love COSI. I was just there last weekend. Make sure you check out little kids space, your little guy will have an absolute ball!!

Mama Perks said...

I can totally look past the fact that I look ghostly pale and horrible in this picture to say what a LOVELY time we had visiting y'all!!! It was so great to meet the Babbling Family and cross over into the IRL friend classification :) Thanks SO much for lunch, good conversation and of course helping me score some good deals at the outlet :) PS-I called you yesterday to pick your brain about something...hopefully we can chat soon! xoxo.

Mrs. Bill said...

How exciting! I would love to meet a blogger friend in person.

I'm so nervous for the Kentucky game tomorrow! They have to win. I live close to Ohio and I won't be able to stand hearing UC and OSU fans talk smack!

Gina said...

I am GREEN with jealousy. Two of my favorite bloggers in the same room?!? I SO wish I was there. Cute pics!

Mommy Webb said...

I am dripping in jealousy...I wish I was there to peruse the clearance aisles and eat fried foods. Must. Get. Together. SOON.

Jillian said...

I am beyond jealous!! I mean beyond!! When she told me about this I was so excited for you two but so jealous!! Did I mention I'm jealous??