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Thursday, March 10, 2011

So, how's the weather?

Ugh.  The weather.

I am so over the rain!  I feel like it has been raining here for the past month.  And then tonight it up and snows.  Really, weather?  REALLY?!  


This past weekend we decided to combat the nasty rain with a trip to Barnes & Noble, which I intended to boast as this great, free activity.  But I can't because there are many non-free temptations that I succumb to.

A) Thomas the Train lives there with his little train buddies.  {FREE!}

B) There is a kid-sized stage perfect for jumping off of.  {FREE! and aerobic!}

C) One word: escalator.  We round-tripped it about, um, six times. {FREE!}

D) On-site Starbucks. So. Not. Free.  Lunch was around $15.  But the caprese panini was yumm-o.

{Sidenote: Don't tell anyone, but I am a Starbucks addict. Like...hmmm...3 times during the week?  And maybe on Saturday mornings?  And I don't skimp either.  Hell-o, Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte!  This is a far cry from my otherwise frugal self.  Justification #1 - no adequate kitchen for making and preparing coffee.  Justification #2 - it's right on the way work.  I know.  I need to stop.}

E)  And then there's the books.  I spent $38 on new books.  With my Teacher Discount. I just walk around holding a huge stack during our trip, always putting half back and walking around trading this for that for about an hour. 

I still think it's a great spot to visit if you're looking for a thrifty activity this weekend.  Just don't bring cash.  Or your debit card.  Or even your purse. 

Just bring one of these. 

I love when Beck where his Shrek ears.  He wears them with such confidence.   I can only pray that he'll maintain it later in life.  The confidence.  Not the Shrek ears ;)

And your thermos of coffee from home :)


Takara said...

Beck is so handsome!!! I love both of your blogs. Visit me sometime at my new blog


Anonymous said...

What books did you purchase? I always love hearing what other teachers have in their hands at B & N!

Unknown said...

we r going there sat morning at 11 to see the cat n the hat at storytime. u n necks should come and we could meet u URL finally.

MrsKinne said...

Barnes & Noble is my home away from home-- and I can never leave there empty-handed.

Also, the Shrek ears? So much cuteness.

Jodi said...

I LOVE book stores. I can spend hours in them. AND my girls love them too. Now I think I will have to make this an activity for this weekend :)


Megan said...

Skinny Vanilla Latte is my fave. I think we were meant to be kindred spirits :-)

Mrs. Cave said...

I spent 35 there last week with the discount. I just LOVE new books so much! It really could have been a lot worse, so I was pretty proud of myself.

Becks is just too cute!

Anna & Kirby said...

Umm.. yeah Beck... nice ears! Love that picture :) You're right, you can see the confidence!

Gina said...

We go to Barnes and Noble too, and L LOVES visiting Thomas while we are there!