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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Teacher Blog!

Hi, sweet friends!  It was brought to my attention recently that some of you may not be aware that I now post all teacher-related things exclusively at my teaching blog, The Inspired AppleThere you will find lots about life in first grade, school-related woes, links to fantastic educators, samples of Teachers Pay Teacher products, and, of course, free printables!

Click on the button below and it'll take you directly to my site!

{PS.  Babbling Abby is about to undergo a makeover in the near future!  I'm just resorting to this old layout until the new one is ready :)  Stay tuned...}

{PSS.  OMIWORD!  Y'all!  I can see how you might *think* that "Dr.B" is my doctor...BUT she's in fact one of my nearest and dearest best friends who is a DENTIST!  A doctor nonetheless, but not an OBGYN as I think I led many of you to believe!!!!!   So sorry, but I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!!!  However, SHE IS!  And she's having a baby boy!  Which was my other "best news" - but lots of our mutual friends frequent this blog and I didn't want to go sharing her news until she had the chance to!  She tells me it's on Facebook now, so I can share away!  Ha!}


Kathleen said...

Love your teaching blog! I've been passing it on to teachers in my building and program! Any advice for me as I complete lead teaching and start the job search/portfolio process?
PS. So glad your kitchen is coming together- it's beautiful!

Ms. Morgart said...

Love your blogs :)...thanks for sharing! Did you recieve my email?
Curls and a Smile

Desiree Wong said...
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librarylady said...

Love the kitchen and the countertop choice is great! It is so hard for me to make that kind of decision!