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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Can I get an AMEN?!

The house is clean. I mean, I certainly wouldn't eat off of the floors or anything, but you could totally wash your hands in the kitchen sink without bumping them against bottles or dinner dishes anymore.

We spent all day cleaning, I think. Literally, 7am-7pm. Well, I may have taken some time out during the day to blog stalk, and B managed an hour nap while Aubs was visiting, but other than that we were seriously cleaning machines. And once I got started, I was able to realize that this was a feat we could actually accomplish even with a wee one at home. Baby B took some good naps, too, and that always helps. I was even in such good spirits while cleaning the kitchen that I told B to let Leland out to roam the house for a little while. (This was a major treat for Leland who, due to unmanageable shedding, has been prohibited from so much as sneezing in the direction of my carpet for fear that she would lose her entire coat while perusing the house. Wait until I tell you about the Furminator - another post, though!)

It was actually quite funny to watch her lurk around Baby B's downstairs bedroom (yes, Baby B has TWO bedrooms in order to accomodate all of his baby must-haves). He was snoozing in his pack-n-play, and though she couldn't see him, she could totally smell that he was in the room and circled his things multiple times before sniffing the pack-n-play intently.

Here's what she would have seen if she'd found him. Awwwwwww.

Baby B was 8 weeks old yesterday. Shocking. Be little forever, little guy. Don't grow up. Ever. Ugh, he's so stinkin' cute I could just make an ice cream cone out of him and eat him up. So sweet. He's recently begun smiling at us and cooing simultaneously, which really melts our hearts. Can you say CHARMER?

The day ended with a visit from Chels, Matt, Soph, and January (future Baby S's nickname). They find out what they're having in a little over a week, I believe. Chels and Baby B were having a heart-to-heart here.

And, here's the last of my pics from today's montage. I'm probably not going to sleep well tonight because Baby B is sleeping in his crib for the first time. Tear. I've already checked on him 14 times and he appears to be snoozling just fine. He was sleeping in his pack-n-play right next to my bed, but since he's a big 8 weeks old now, we decided it was time. Love his heart.

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Smith Family Forum said...

I think Beck has changed just since last Saturday!!!! What a sweetie pie!

"SGA" Debbie :)