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Monday, September 15, 2008


So, you probably don't know this, but B is a big practical joker. He especially loves to scare people, particularly me and his mother. When he was younger, he used to scare his mom with this creepy little figure that is made from some of his brother's old clothes (check out the acid wash jeans - totally circa 1994!). He would put it in random spots in the house at night and then just wait for her to run into it. To this day, B still thinks it's pretty hilarious to spook her, or anyone else for that matter.
Before I continue, I must mention that we love our neighbors, Josh and Beth. We hang out with them often, and Josh and B always cut up with each other while Beth and I just roll our eyes at them. They're the kind of neighbors that call you from Krogers when they find a clearance deal on Huggies or invite you over to watch the Stanley Cup finals because you don't have cable. But, they're also the kind of neighbors that have college team loyalties that totally clash with ours. You see, Josh is a big ND fan, and, being UofM fans, we have a little discrepancy - the Irish and the Maize-n-Blue don't seem to mix well.

So, B has been wanting to scare Josh and Beth with this spooky guy for awhile now. So, he brought it to our house from his parents,' glue-gunned its head back on, and then at about 9pm on Sunday we set out on our mission (yes, I was the look-out). First, B made the following note...
Then, he set said figure on their doorstep, knocked on the door, and booked it back to our house where we watched them freak out from our side window. It. Was. HILARIOUS. Neither of them would touch it! We later found out they thought it was a small child. A really freaky small child.

So, before they called the policed, B ran over and outed us. Here is what the inside of the note said:

Unfortunately, UofM lost to ND, but we still think we're the better team . And now we're just waiting for Josh and Beth to return the practical joking - supposedly they're bringing out the "Fuh-nay-nay" - whatever that means. We'll let you know when they get us. However, we've already planned our next plot against the neighbors... he he he ;)

And, to update you on the power outage situation, we're STILL without power and are staying at B's parents' house for the second night in a row. Good thing Baby B is only 2.5 months old and can't be permanently damaged by the pink Disney princess crib bedding he's sleeping on. I'm off school AGAIN tomorrow, and I totally didn't spend today polishing off lesson plans, so it's a good thing.

Say a prayer for electricity - we're one of 41,000 costumers in our county without it!

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Smith Family Forum said...

I haven't heard from your mom in 2 days which is rare. I'm assuming her power is off, too. I'm TOTALLY jealous of the "no school" thing!!!

Aunt Debbie P.