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Monday, September 1, 2008

I Heart CVS!

So, I've recently become a coupon-er. Like, pretty much obsessed. And when you combine couponing with CVSing, it pretty much results in a spending high like no other. Why, you ask? Because this weekend, I was PAID by CVS to shop at their store. This is not a joke. Check out the picture below:Now, included in above picture are four items purchased at Walgreens, but they basically paid me to shop at their store too (I spent $3.80 on $40 worth of makeup.)

What you are looking at is $151.53 worth of goodies that I paid $5.22 for! And, it's all name brand stuff, too!


When the cashier was ringing me up at CVS, she was like: "Ummmm, you're in the negative. Like, we OWE YOU money. You're going to have to go pick up something else." FOR REAL?!

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit.

And, I transferred a prescription to CVS which resulted in a bonus for me - a FREE $25 giftcard! AND, $25 in Extra Care Bucks that I can use LIKE CASH next time I shop. Awesome.

Take that, Economy.

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Lindsey Brodsky said...

You crack me up! And, I'm a little jealous!!