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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Daily Insight

1. It's about time all advertisers/marketers/car-bumper-sticker makers distance themselves from Got ____? started by the Got Milk? campaign of the 90s. Seriously. I saw a sticker on a car today that read: Got Siberian Huskies? Come on now. Let's all just agree to move on. It's okay to be original.

2. I hate to hang pictures. All that measuring and aligning things all straight-like. I hate that. Too many tools involved and not enough hands. I just want to put a couple nails in the wall and for everything to just work out. Except it never does. Something's always a little crooked. A little off-centered. A little cock-eyed. That's why there are zero pictures hanging on the main wall in our living room. I'm afraid to screw it up.

3. I despise our printer. It's one of those combo deals that doesn't really do any one thing great. I have to hand-feed it paper. Sometimes it only prints one page at a time. So, you can imagine how complicated it is to print a multi-paged document. We fight a lot.

4. I often wage a battle with myself every night around 9pm. To eat or not to eat? that is the question. The little devil that sits on my shoulder urging me to eat a scoop (or three) of ice cream and coat it with chocolate syrup and sprinkles usually wins.
5. I've reverted to my grade schoolish ways by setting out my outfit the night before. Except I don't do this so much to seek my mom's approval before I leave the house in neon stirrup pants and layered socks, but moreso to ensure that whatever I will wear to school isn't wrinkled or stained with mashed banana. It also might save me approximately 10-20 minutes every morning since I'm not cursing the laundry god for not being more on his game.

6. I still sometimes want to go get Baby B up from his crib when I've put him down for the night just so I can love on him and kiss his smoochable cheekers. I do shine my cell phone screen down into his crib every night though, locate aforementioned smoochable cheekers, and kiss him goodnight.
7. DJinkers, how I love thee. Thank you, Aunt Cindy.

8. I went to a non-existant yard sale this weekend after scrounging through purses and couch cushions for spare change. At least I now know it will be on September 12th, officially. Misread the paper. Oops.

9. Sallie Mae and I can finally be friends following a month-long hiatus where she threatened to call me delinquent and I finally broke out my inner Sheniqua to say, Pppshaw, $500 monthly payments, uh-uh. No way! I asked for decreased payments, she asked for interest and somehow everything worked out where I still owe $30,000 in the end.

10. I have been staying up waaaaay past my bedtime lately. It's August, so my body thinks that it's still summer break and wants to, you know, watch Conan and blog stalk into the wee hours of the morning.

11. I thought that when you bought a new vehicle, car drama was to be alleviated. Apparently, no. I'm air condition-less (cooling mechanisms have beef with me apparently as noted here and here), the driver door is being tempermental, and the electronic hatch decides when and for whom she will open. Is anyone smelling lemon or is that just me? VW and I will have words, if that's the case.

12. I am finished nursing. Are you shocked? Me too. I was shooting for 18 months (admittedly) but I can't really enforce nursing rules when the nursee is 25 lbs and can walk, and concludes his 30 second nursing session with "done!" He's so over it. It was a beautiful thing while it lasted though.

13. No more cookie binges now that I'm not on the greatest diet EVER anymore. See #12.

14. Taking a Mighty Monday hiatus. Feel free to Mighty away if you must. I'll still read :D

15. I have gotten out of control with all this numbering. Fifteen is waaaay too many.

16. Oh, we color with chalk now. Or eat it. Whatever keeps him occupied in non-toxic kind of way.

17. Have a Mighty Monday, anyway!


Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

I totally pick out my outfit the night before, too. I do it to avoid the cursing in the morning when I realize I have nothing to wear (that's clean anyway...). All of my co-workers know about it and make fun of me for it on a regular basis. Please tell me you pick out your first day of school and picture day outfits ahead of time. That will make me pleased as punch! :)

And in ultimate irony? The word verification is "messed".

Nat said...

I hate hanging pictures too, people think we're going for the minimalist look but in reality it's just laziness. Good luck with the car and good job on nursing for over a year! I'm also on a might monday vacay, I promise to return full steam post wedding :)

Mommy Webb said...

I am shocked that you made an odd numbered list! Haha. I am so with you on the 9 p.m. urge to eat. It gets me everytime. Prob the reason I need to lose a few:). XO.