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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Prayers Please...UPDATED!

{Please see update following original post}

And, yes, that is Baby B laying on G on the nasty hospital floor.

{Original Post}
Hey, BFFs! If you wouldn't mind, say a prayer for Sweet Precious tomorrow. We're headed to Children's Hospital to have a little procedure done, which unfortunately requires anesthesia. Blah. I am not looking forward to it.

And the poor little guy can't even have breakfast or nurse until after it's over, which should hopefully be by noon. Totally not fun.

Anyway, it's nothing major, but we'd love the prayers!
PS. Make sure you pick up your own Baby In A Box while supplies last ;)


Well, it was a bit more of a surgery than we initially thought, but all is well.

We arrived at the hospital at 7:00am (you do the math to figure out what time the Babbling household had to be up by), and since we had express check-in forms, we were in our room in no time. Which was kind of nice since we didn't have to chase Baby B all around the waiting room for the next hour - which was expansive and full of people and things to get into. However, we did have to play the you can't play with that game in a room the size of a walk-in closet as we defended a variety of expensive medical equipment from our curious little man.

Anyway, we spent the next hour being prepped for the surgery - Baby B's height, weight, and vitals were checked. We answered lots of questions - repeatedly attesting to the fact that he had no known allergies (I bet they asked at least 30x - safety, I know). And Baby B explored every nook and cranny of the tiny room, charming the hospital staff, and talking loudly on our cell phones to his imaginary friends. I'm surprised the phones made it through the whole ordeal since it seemed to be the only toy he wanted to play with, and he repeatedly dropped it and re-dropped it on the floor.

We mat the surgical staff, and I lost it when the anesthesiologist discussed her role in the procedure. We initially thought he'd have a local anesthetic during the operation in addition to being put to sleep, only to find out that they were doing a caudal block that involved numbing him from the waist down via a shot at the base of his tailbone. It sounded a lot like an epidural.

Mommy was not excited about that (hadn't been mentioned until this morning), and many a tear were blinked away as I tried to keep it together as she continued to discuss all the ifs that could occur as a result. That was so not fun.

We waited a little longer before they summoned us to the OR, where we planned to be present as they gassed him (doesn't that just sound awful?!). However, much to our disliking, and despite that we were told we would get to be there while sleep was induced, they took Baby B out of our arms and he went in alone. We kissed him a million times and told him we loved him repeatedly.

Again, I lost it.

I just wasn't prepared to say goodbye then. I mean, they were putting my one-year-old son under for AN HOUR, and it was like saying goodbye forever. Seriously. I hate to be all dramatic, but all those ifs start plaguing your brain. All I could think was what if? what if? what if?

We made it to the waiting area, where we could follow Baby B according to an identification board that showed on a big flat screen alerting us to where he was. We had breakfast to pass the time, and I checked the board obsessively to finally see B's number change to green, and then seconds later they called us to visit him in recovery.

He was out of it. And fussy. I nursed him almost immediately. He smelled like that nasty anesthesia gas, but it didn't really matter. He was safe and happy to be rocking in my arms. We left recovery in a little under an hour, and Baby B happily took his gas mask home as a souvenir and held it in the car the entire way home.

He peed like a champ thanks to all those IV fluids, ate lots of delicious bland foods, and appears to be back to his old, Baby B self. Still pretty stinkin' cute.

Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes. We really appreciated them!


Ink Obsession Designs said...

I will definitely say a prayer! Hope all goes well! :)

Nat said...

Awwwww! I will definitely say prayer for Baby B and You- it's usually harder on the parents than the kids!

Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

I will definitely be thinking of you tomorrow!

I would LOVE to hear your ideas for the classroom. I teach k/1/2 special education. My kids are mainly boys and all of them are emotionally disturbed. They need things to keep them busy.. but learning. Any ideas would be awesome!

Hope everything turns out okay tomorrow!

Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

Totally forgot to answer your MI question. I'm from the Kalamazoo area. It's southwest MI. My husband is from the east side of the state.

Abby said...

Prayers headed your way, BIG time.
Poor little guy.

Think peaceful, happy, get-this-over-with thoughts :]

Anonymous said...

Prayers said, fingers crossed. Hope everything goes well. And quickly!

Sharon said...

Beckham (and you) are in my thoughts and prayers today!!
Let us know how he does!

Lea Liz said...

Praying for you all now and baby B!!! Hope everything goes well!!!

Sugar and Spice said...

We will definately be praying for precious baby B!

Mommy Webb said...

I will say a prayer right now for your little precious baby in a box.

Unknown said...

I hope everything goes well. My thoughts are with you and Baby B

Sugar and Spice said...

Glad to hear that he is doing well.

Nat said...

So glad he's home and doing well!! That picture of him on the hospital floor just kills me, he does look precious though!

Unknown said...

i'm glad that it sounds like everything went ok, that must have been so scary - thoughts and prayers are w/ you guys!

Blake's Momma said...

So glad all is well. I can only imagine what a mess I would have been. Ugh. Such a brave little stud!

Shubie said...

SO GLAD everything went well...Baby B is a trooper!